★ Galactic Prison ★


The Galaxies of the Unknown to be Known!

Server IP: play.gaprison.net

  • Server Name: Galactic Prison
  • Server Address/IP: play.gaprison.net
  • Website: www.gaprison.net
  • Server Statistics: stats.gaprison.net
  • Game Type/s: [OP Prison] - This prison server combines everything to make it the best possible.
  • Additional Worlds: [KitPvP] [SkyBlock] [SkyWars]
  • Bungee: [OP Prison] [1.13 Survival] [Custom Minigame] [OP Factions “Coming Soon”]
  • Discord: https://discord.gg/Y5T2kgQ


Welcome to Galactic Prison, "The Prison in the Sky" (or space if you want to get technical). We have combined the best and greatest plugins to give you the best laid back OP Prison server in the sky! Ever heard of that? This server combines all elements from OP Prison, KitPvP, SkyBlock, and SkyWars to keep you busy and entertained. Take custom enchanted weapons and armor into KitPvP and become the King or Queen of PvP. Take any elements from OP Prison and take it into SkyBlock to build your own monstrous base in the sky, or do it the OG way. Use money from mining to buy custom kits in SkyWars. Every elimination you make takes .01% of their money and gives it to you. Think about it. It's a lot if a player has 1B and you eliminate them. Any custom enchants or items you do not like, trade it with other players to make some extra side cash. There are many more features than that to explore! Go to the about page for a better breakdown.