Gap Junction Webinars


Since January 2021, the executive committee of IGJC2022 have been and will continue to host and organize frequent one-hour webinars to keep the gap junction field engaged towards the International Gap Junction Conference in A Coruña, Spain, which has been postponed until 16-20th July 2022 due to the pandemic. For specific information and news on the conference, please visit The Official Site and join our Twitter account.

The webinars will last 1 hour and feature 2-3 talks featuring the latest work from group leaders, postdocs and PhD students from around the world with an interest in intercellular communication, connexins, pannexins or innexins.

Please register to receive a link to attend the specific seminars, information on future seminars, and other information.

If you are interested in giving a webinar, please enter your details HERE.

You can also contact us via email:



Wednesdays, for 1 hour. Starting times are:

​Madrid (CET) - 5 PM

London (BST) - 4 PM

San Francisco (PST) - 8 AM

Chicago (CST) - 10 AM

New York (EST) - 11 AM

Delhi - 8:30 PM

Tokyo - 12 AM

Sydney - 1 AM

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