Gap Junction Webinars


Beginning January 2021, the executive committee of IGJC2022 hosted a series of one-hour webinars to keep the gap junction field engaged towards the International Gap Junction Conference in A Coruña, Spain, which was postponed until 16-20th July 2022 due to the pandemic. For specific information and news on the conference, please visit The Official Site and join our Twitter account.

Currently there are no specific plans for future seminars although this may change as we get closer to IGJC2024 Washington.

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Wednesdays, for 1 hour. Starting times are:

​Madrid (CET) - 5 PM

London (BST) - 4 PM

San Francisco (PST) - 8 AM

Chicago (CST) - 10 AM

New York (EST) - 11 AM

Delhi - 8:30 PM

Tokyo - 12 AM

Sydney - 1 AM

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