I am a PhD student at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, advised by Prof Y. Narahari. My research areas include Game theory, Machine Learning and Mechanism Design. I am looking for a post-doc position in the area of machine learning, fairness and incentive compatible learning. My resume is available here.

Recent Publication

  1. Ballooning Multi-armed Bandits (with Swapnil Dhamal, Shweta Jain, Sujit Gujar and Y. Narahari ), under review
  2. Achieving fairness in stochastic Multi-armed Bandits (with Vishakha Patil, Vineet Nair and Y. Narahari) to appear AAAI 2020, ArXiv
  3. Fair Division of Indivisible Goods Among Strategic Agents ( with Siddharth Barman, Shweta Jain, Pooja Kulkarni, Shivika Narang ) AAMAS 2019 (short paper), Full version available on ArXiv