What is GameStormEDU?

GameStormEDU is a way of thinking - how could I take an idea, a lesson, or a concept, and turn it into an experience for others? How can I turn it into a game?

Moving Students from Consumers to Creators

Games provide an incredible opportunity for students to move from passive learners to active designers, artists, collaborators, and inventors. In addition, games offer a perfect medium to demonstrate understanding of a topic or skill. If a person can create an experience to teach another person, they must have a strong command of the source material!

Educators as Game Designers

Much of the curriculum lends itself to expressing ideas creatively, system thinking, or trying to combine like components to reach an end goal. Using the GameStormEDU design process, educators can transform their content into experiential games that will engage, excite, and enhance learning opportunities.

Photos courtesy of PlaSmart Inc and Games for Change via attribution 2.0 Generic License