DIY Kits

All Gamekeeper DIY kits are £8.99 each with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!

Each kit contains 1 x 18mm thick multiplex Catapult blank which as been cut out by "Gamekeeper John" and then routed all the way round meaning all you have to do is sand it!

Every kit also comes with a single TheraBand Gold Bandset which is tapered from 20mm at the pouch end down to 30mm at the end which attaches to the catapult frame. These bandsets are great for both target shooting and hunting. Each kit also gets sent out with 2 thin strips of elastic to attach the bandset to the frame.

Please Note - These are blanks and will need sanding.

Gamekeeper DIY kits are extremely popular and get nothing but good feedback from our customers.

The possibilities are endless - you can stain them, paint them, glue on palm swells, add finger grooves, varnish them or custom them in any way you wish!

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