Streaming Announcement


Those that joined me on Monday's Twitch broadcast already know what this announcement is about. I will be suspending the streaming schedule after my 3rd annual big o' birthday stream on July 20 and will be returning back to the normal schedule after CouleeCon weekend, August 24-26. The reason I am taking the break from the schedule is that I've got too many Maker related deadlines for my self and for the WSA CouleeCon Meetup. This, along with IRL stuff (like work and other things) is going to make thing difficult to make these deadlines while staying sane.

Fear not... I should be streaming every now and then between July 21 and August 27!

It will feel like forever but it's only a month. I may start back up earlier if things even out before the con gets here! But for now, come hang out and chat on the Discord server. (

Be safe and we will see each other soon!

GameBlips is heading to CouleeCon!


The 2018 CouleeCon over in LaCrosse, WI is happening and GameBlips will be there along side the Wisconsin Streaming Alliance! CouleeCon is primarily a convention that mainly caters to board gamers but other genres are also welcome!

The WSA will be a host to a Friday night party for all registered members, their guests and Guests of Honor at the convention. The WSA will also be doing giveaways and prizes from a variety of donators, including a specific yellow and black logo'd gaming page. ;)

Come on out to CouleeCon in LaCrosse, WI on the weekend of August 24-26 and have a good time with a bunch of great peeps!

(As an aside, GameBlips will be making an attempt to claw to the top at the Paradigm Grand Prix fighting game tournament on 8/25, as well.)

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Arika Has Returned!


June 28th will be a big day as Arika makes their big debut of EX Fighting Layer! This PS4 exclusive will include many of their original characters like D. Dark And Skullomainia! There will also be additional characters such as Hokuto (at launch in the form of DLC. On launch day, there will be 2 offerings:The standard edition of the game will cost $59.99, and include 15 Gougi decks and 12 characters as well as a playable version of Hokuto. A "Light" version including five Gougi decks and 12 characters will also be available for $39.99. Downloadable content will include "Type-A" and "Type-Gold" character color variations.

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Welcome Back


As teased all over the Twitch broadcasts, the site and decisions to settle on a proper host resulting everything being an utter hot mess. As time pushed on, GameBlips continued to keep on on social media and live broadcasts. It's time for another fresh start, so here we are as Google at the core of it all. As this new offering continues to grow, the site will stretch as well.

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2017 Super Mega Haul!


Last year was an odd one with video releases. I was going strong for a long time with adding new content to the YouTube channel but then things got busy and since monitization there is not available, I put YouTube priority on the back burner. Fast foward to how Twitch/Amazon is offering a new curated content option for those on their platform. As an Affiliate, I decided to take this option up and try it out!

Today’s post is the second video of the year premiering on Twitch! Come check out the 2017 Super Mega Haul hitting the site, tonight, at 5:30p CST at!

If you happened to miss out on the last Twitch Premiere, you can check it out here!

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King of Con Video Review


On Saturday, February 17, a video was released by Apollo Legend outlining the a large amount of evidence and misdirection fluff stemming from the Billy Mitchell camp. Evidence of emulator usage and video editing is rampant. Take a view of the video and judge for yourself.

If you watched the original King of Kong documentary, this really puts Billy in a bad position as all of his solid wording puts his arrogance in more of a different light.

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2017 Top 10 Games


2017 came and went as did many games. Perusual, here are my choices for the year that are centered around what I played in the year, not based on it’s release date.

  • 10 - BattleBorn (PS4)
  • 9 - Friday The 13th (PS4)
  • 8 - Destiny 2 (Xbone/PC)
  • 7 - Puyo Puyo Tetris (PS4)
  • 6 - Rocksmith 2014: Remastered Edition (Xbone/PC)
  • 5 - Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare (Android)
  • 4 - Fortnite: Battle Royale (PS4)
  • 3 - Cat Quest (Android)
  • 2 - Puzzle Fighter (Android)
  • 1 - Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Android)

GameBlips Site Relaunch


2018 is here and the site relaunch isn’t happening quite as expected. The good news is that the main (www.) Part of the site is up and running as well as the store and kind of the blog. All of the old data is gone. That’s ok since it was getting pretty bloated. We are moving away from the system heavy automation of Wordpress and keeping it lean with Jekyll.