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We read stories from Bengali (বাংলা, "bangla") literature, for our own pleasure and edification, and hopefully for your enjoyment as well!  We share our readings as the podcast "গল্প-কথার আসর"; please subscribe to it to check us out.  You can find a complete episode guide here on this website, as well as listen to the latest episodes, and the introductory episode of this podcast.

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A Trio of Triplets
Our Season Five offering for Rabindra-Jayanti - Episodes 379, 380, 381.
Season Five Started!
We kicked-off 2024 in February after our break - in the meantime, our downloads crossed 100,000 !
Watch our holiday postcard
A short video postcard to our listeners!

We are on YouTube now!

As of July, 2023, you can find our podcast on a parallel YouTube channel !  Here is a direct link to GolpoKothar Asor on YouTube.

From here on, we will publish each new episode on the YouTube channel at the same time as it is released on our normal audio podcast platforms.  Our podcast will continue to be available on all current podcast platforms.

But you won't find us on Spotify ...

In December 2022, Spotify automatically de-listed our podcast in response to a spurious claim of intellectual property violation.  We have contested this takedown using the procedure provided by Spotify, but the complaining party has so far been completely silent, which has stalled the process.  A fuller account is here, if you are interested to know.  We continue to hope for progress; in the meantime our podcast remains available on all other platforms. 


Rudra and Rajib at a live performance program of the podcast, June 2023

The rest of this site is partly in Bengali; the language our podcast is in.  More about the Bengali language and culture can be found in many good sites around the web - a few are listed in the "Bengali Culture" of this website.