Portrait of Michael Kimt by Aistė Šivytė

Portrait by Aistė Šivytė

"Michael's path to painting is unconventional, as is his own personality. He did not study the academic basics of art, did not graduate from art schools and academies. And he has been painting for a relatively short time - about five years, but has already created noteworthy works. How interesting are Michael's paintings? He boldly experiments, engages in artistic adventurism, and is not afraid of influences. At the same time, he still doesn’t try to cram himself into some recognizable uniform style. Looking at the broader context of the art world, Michael’s painting is close to German Expressionism of the first half of the 20th century, characterized by an open, dramatic color and an abstract, dynamic and expressive drawing and composition."

-- written by Tomas Kiauka for my debut exhibition in 2017, an excerpt.

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