Mitosis is the process where cells replicate. One cell makes an identical copy and you get two! This quick one week mini unit will perfectly fit into the cell unit and provide a foundation for future units such as plant reproduction and genetics.

Activities for Mitosis

  • Notes on the different phases of Mitosis
  • Mitosis Puzzle: putting the phases in the right order
  • Looking at cells that are dividing with Slides or Microviewer
  • Simulation looking at Mitosis and Cancer cells
  • 12 Question multiple choice quiz

Quizlet diagram flashcards for Mitosis.


MS-LS3-2 Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits.

Students will be a forming a foundation for these standards covered in High School.

HS-LS1-4. Use a model to illustrate the role of cellular division (mitosis) and differentiation in producing and maintaining complex organisms.