Below are the programs that I frequently use in class. There may be a time in this class where you become frustrated with technology. Finding solutions will be a task that we all work through together. Each technology tool will be taught in class. Some programs have apps that can be downloaded on your smartphone.

Quizlet is a great program for flashcards. Flashcards are a great way to practice the terms/vocabulary that are needed for the concepts. I have created flashcards for you all you have to do is study them. I am notorious for having "pop-quizzes." My pop-quizzes are announced ahead of time so that you can be successful. I do not want to surprise you with a quiz but provide you with tools so you can be successful with the quizzes. There is an app for your smartphone.

There are many tools on your google drive that we will explore including google docs, forms, sheets, drawings, and sites. Many of the projects assigned through the drive will be collaborative.

Google Classroom is where simulations, assignments, and projects will be assigned. This will be our virtual classroom.

Qwizdom remotes: these remotes are in class and can be used with powerpoints, as quizzes or to give feedback on classwork.