Arden Science

MSI Fieldtrip Information


  • Monday PM 10/21 Trip with Mr. Wong: YOUR MSI Field Trip is Monday 10/21. You will start the day at Arden. During 2nd or 3rd period listen for the all call to load the buses in front of the big gym. THE BUS WILL LEAVE around 10:30AM. Return Time: approximately 7:00 pm. With bay area traffic it is difficult to give an exact time. We will get off the boat in Richmond at 5:00 pm, use the bathroom and load the bus. With a return time of around 7:00 PM.
  • Wednesday AM 10/23 & Friday AM 10/25 Trips with Mrs. Gale: You need to be at Arden at 5:50 am in front of the big gym to check in on the bus. THE BUS WILL LEAVE PROMPTLY AT 6:00AM!!! Return Time: approximately 2:30 pm. With bay area traffic it is difficult to give an exact time, but we are aiming for school dismissal return time. We will get off the boat in Richmond at 12:00 pm, have a sack lunch and use the bathroom. We will load the buses from the Richmond Marina around 12:30 and head for home. Students will be able to use their phones on the buses to and from the Marina but will be away from their phones on the boat.

General Information for all MSI Fieldtrips

  • Clothing: Weather forecast looks clear with a high of 80, but remember we are on a boat from 8-12 when it is not in the 80's. During our field trip it will be in the low 60's so dress accordingly. CLOTHING REMINDER You may get muddy so wear old clothes. Layered clothing that can be easily removed and put back on is the best. Wear rubber soled shoes. Sandals, open-toed shoes or high-heels are not acceptable. We are on the deck for most of the day so sunscreen is recommended (and chap stick). Baseball caps are not recommended since the wind may blow them overboard. For safety reasons, umbrellas are not allowed.
  • What to Bring: Backpacks can be stored in the cabin. Any electronic gear you bring (cell phones, iPods, etc) should be in your backpack since you may get wet. You might want to bring an old towel to dry your hands. Make sure you bring a sack lunch to eat after the boat trip. You may bring extra snacks to eat on the bus on our way to/from Richmond.

We are Finishing Microscopes and starting the eye.

Next week we will be focused on the eye.

10/21- 10/25 What is due this week?

    • I will be on the MSI fieldtrip 2 days this week. Work will be collected and graded by the sub.

This section includes any assignments that are due this week. Keep in mind this is a guide and dates posted in class are the MOST important and accurate.
This section includes upcoming tests or quizzes to start studying for.

Upcoming Quiz:

  • None this week due to MSI fieldtrip.
  • Honors: Look over your eyeball notes. You will be tested on parts and structures next week.
This section gives you a brief description of what is going on this week.

This week:

Dichotomous key (we will need this for the MSI fieldtrip, it would normally be covered next week) and the Nervous System.
  • Monday: Put the eye on hold and discuss dichotomous keys and MSI fieldtrip.
  • Tuesday: Lots of mini labs on optical illusions. Finish video on electromagnetic waves.
  • Wednesday: MSI fieldtrip for some of us. Dichotomous keys for the rest of us.
  • Thursday: Finish optical illusions. Brain processing speed (visual, auditory, tactile). Start Pushing the limits: Sensory.
  • Friday: MSI Fieldtrip for some of us. Dichotomous key for the rest of us.

Please remember that I run a flexible timeline. The activities above are projected and sometimes we move quicker and many times we run slower.