Arden Science

We are Finishing Microscopes and starting the eye.

Next week we will be focused on the eye.

10/8- 10/11 What is due this week?

    • Tuesday: Microscope lab due

This section includes any assignments that are due this week. Keep in mind this is a guide and dates posted in class are the MOST important and accurate.
This section includes upcoming tests or quizzes to start studying for.

Upcoming Quiz:

  • Friday: Microscope Quiz. Know the parts and functions of the parts of a microscope. Honors will also have a performance task: given a slide and a microscope get an object into focus on Medium power.
This section gives you a brief description of what is going on this week.

This week:

Up This week.... MICROSCOPES and the EYE!
  • Monday: Microscope video (6 min). Complete the 1st page of the microscope lab as a class. Work on the 2nd page of the lab in partners. Finish the lab for HW.
  • Tuesday: Finish Microscope. Scale tool Simulation.
  • Wednesday: Microscope Test. Honors will have the performance task of getting a slide into focus on Medium power. Regular classes will only have the written test. Start a movie that transitions from microscopes to the Eye. Discussions on Electromagnetic waves and how other animals see different wavelengths.
  • Thursday: Optical illusions and labs (my favorite).
  • Friday: Sensory to Brain processing speed Lab. Finish with Optical Illusions and fun labs pertaining to the eye. Start Pushing the Limits video if time.

Please remember that I run a flexible timeline. The activities above are projected and sometimes we move quicker and many times we run slower.

MSI IS FULL! But there is still room on Mr. Wong's trip 10/21 afternoon.

The office is collecting money for the MSI field trip ($55 cash only - sorry). Permission slips were sent home 9/6/19. This field trip is optional but a cool one! Check the blue paper in their notebook for more details.