Every White Hat SEO starts with an Audit.

Site audits measure the site's security, user experience & behavior, traffic, structure, and cross-platform browser compatibility to ensure that your site is accessible and mobile-friendly.

In terms of content, audits examine the content's potential, current status, authenticity, structure, and quality.

Site audit costs depend on the site's amount of content, channels, pages, and/or products.

  • Starting at $500.

Disclosure: None of the links on this website are paid. When and if I do have an affiliate link I make sure that it is automatically marked as a nofollow link.

I do not provide link-building services. Links are earned - not bought.

SEO is actually dependant on your product, your customer service, your online presence, your online reviews, and your product equity.

Organic results cost money, take time & effort, and require a lot of communication and patience.

If you are still interested - my pricing plans are detailed below and are per site.

Basic Plans


  • Website Maintenance: Starting at $200/month

  • Website Maintenance (E-commerce): Starting at $500/month


  • Basic SEO: Starting at $500/month

  • Basic SEO (E-commerce): Starting at $1,000/month

  • On-Page SEO

  • Technical SEO

  • Local SEO & Google My Business Management

  • Mobile-friendly Optimizations

  • Fix & Prevent Negative SEO (Black Hat SEO)

  • Google Search Console Management

  • Content Management & Keyword Research

  • User Experience Audits & Optimizations

Advanced Plans

(SEO, SEM, UED, Web, Design)

  • Local Small Business: Starting at $250/week

  • E-commerce: Starting at $500/week

  • B2B / SaaS / Startup / Agency: Starting at $500/week

  • Content Management, Creation, Upgrades, Optimizations, and Keyword Research

  • Graphic Design (Thumbnails, Featured Images, Infographics, Logos, Emblems, etc)

  • Google Ads Optimization

  • Technical SEO

  • YouTube SEO

  • Off-Page SEO

  • On-Page SEO

  • Video Editing

  • Employee Training in SEO

  • User Experience Design & Lead Generation

  • Social Media Management

  • Local SEO & Google My Business Management

  • Google Search Console Management

  • Fix & Prevent Negative SEO (Black Hat SEO)

  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Google Photography, Business Virtual Tours

  • Web Design & Redesign

  • Web Development

Web Hosting, Plugins, and Maintenance fees are included in all of our SEO plans.

In most cases, maintenance is reserved for websites I host and created ourselves.

I highly recommend using a CDN. Our servers are heavily protected and heavily filter traffic on the network and site levels.

Website Development Pricing

All of our websites are hosted on dedicated servers and are optimized to be search-friendly.
However, feel free to host them on your own server of choice (if you like to pay extra).

I only host with InMotion Hosting with the highest level of security or any hosting service that has a staging/dev environment and automated backups unless you have your own dev/s.

Clients and/or sites larger than 50GB must acquire or already be hosted on a VPS/Dedicated server for us to be able to operate without any performance issues.

I provide our non-agency SEO clients with free migrating services to our own servers and are also happy to host them free of charge.

Re-Design/Optimize an Existing Website

Upgrade an existing public-facing website to be more discoverable by search engines!
Cross-compatibility and mobile-friendliness are a top priority.

The price depends on the design's complexity.

  • Starting at $2,000: Financing Available.

Standard Website

A public-facing website that is discoverable by search engines and built with cross-compatibility and mobile-friendliness in mind.

The price depends on the number of pages and the design's complexity.

  • Starting at $5,000: Financing Available.

E-commerce Website

A search-friendly custom-built or WordPress-based website that will feature products, and information across different types of devices and browsers with a secured and easy connection & checkout process.

The price depends on the number of products, pages, and store functionality & complexity.

  • Starting at $10,000: Financing Available.

GSAP Website

Looking to head into the future and future-proof your business?
Why not enjoy a gorgeous public-facing website that is touch and mouse responsive? Virtual Reality & GSAP is the way to go!

Search & mobile-friendliness is more complex with these types of websites but when carefully built they provide an unbeatable experience.

The price depends on the number of products, pages, etc

  • Starting at $50,000: Financing Available.

Website Security

Secure your website and server from threats online.

  • Starting at $2,000.

Website Restoration

Save your Search Engine Rankings before Google notices your website is down!
If your website is down for any reason please implement an HTTP header 503 ASAP.

  • Starting at $2,000.

Cyber Security Training

Train your organization in best cyber security practices online or on-site.

  • Starting at $4,000.

Website Migration

Move your site from Server A to Server B.
Convert custom-built websites to a Content Management System like WordPress.
Convert web designs into HTML or CMS. With or without including existing content.

  • Starting at $4,000