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Nicholas Witham


Nick first got his knack for prosthetics through the Helping Hands project, a UNC based non-profit. It was through his research and development of open source upper limb prosthetics that he gained first hand knowledge of prosthetic design and instrumentation. His frustration with the price and limitations of prosthetic sensors and actuators lead him to create GAIA.

During his graduate study, he was mentored by the creators of the Utah Slanted Electrode Array and the DEKA "Luke" Arm. He organized the University of Utah Rehabilitation Youth Education Day to cultivate a local limb difference community and inform families about the rehabilitative options available to them. It was through the planning of this event and his research that he got in contact with leading prosthetic device companies.

Bench to Bedside

GAIA flourished during the 2018-2019 Bench to Bedside medical device design competition hosted by the University of Utah.

Dr. Rami Shorti

Farshad Mogharrabi

Devan Anderson

Jason Huang

Tanner LeSueur

UNC-CH and NCSU Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering

During Nick's senior design project at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Nick came up with the idea for the Myoplexer, GAIA's flagship product.

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