Travel and FAQs


Email for further questions.


  • What kind of funding is available?

(1) Accommodation and breakfasts for selected participants (finalized and personally notified).

(2) Flights for selected US participants (by NSF). Please contact Thomas Koberda for inquiries.



To the official hotel Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun (simple)

To the official hotel Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun (detailed)

Vegetarian info

Participants will be given with lunch coupons for the cafeteria (non-vegetarian). There will also be TEN lunch boxes for the vegetarians each day. Please yield the lunch boxes if you are not a vegetarian (unless there are surpluses).

Vegan restaurants near the hotel


  • Exchange rate? Roughly KRW 1,100 = USD 1.00
  • Do I need a Visa? Visa Waiver countries
  • Do people tip in Korea? No
  • Do stores accept US dollars? No
  • Do stores accept credit cards? Yes, almost all stores do so. (Master/Visa)
  • Do people speak English in Korea? Generally no. (Young people are usually better at English. Also, there is a phone translation services (24hours/7days). Tel. 1588-5644
  • What if I miss a bus stop / a shuttle bus?)

Taxi fare is reasonable in Seoul. (minimum KRW 3,000)

  • Wifi available? Yes. Please contact the organizers if you do not have the information.
  • How's medical service? The quality is high and the price is reasonable. However, travel insurance is always a good investment.
  • Is the neighborhood safe to walk?

Seoul is one of the safest cities for tourists, but usual precautions are always recommended.


Suggestions for free afternoons / evenings

Shilla Stay is at the center of the old downtown, and many palaces and traditional villages are in walking distances.

Changdeokgung UNESCO heritage. The secret garden tour (reservation required) is particularly recommended.

Insadong Lots of stores with teas, souvenirs and others. Traditional tea shops, traditional liquor spots and night scenes.

More options at VisitKorea webpage