2023 Scout Troop 323/3323

Wreaths Fundraiser

Hi I am Gage Kloft and this is my site to help you order your Holiday Wreaths and other items. 


Orders due by October 27th

Call or text me on my Dad's phone at 602-702-9793

These are the wreaths you can order and we will hand deliver them to you in Phoenix.

These are the wreaths you can order and have directly shipped to the recipient out of state.

Thank you to everyone that has helped me with my scouting fundraiser each and every year. In August I received my Eagle Scout rank. It was a great accomplishment to be able to complete. In January I will be aging out of Scouts, so this year I am partnering up with Rory and Adelia Meadows for the wreaths fundraiser. They are helping me this year and they will be fully taking over my great wreath clients next year. Rory and Adelia are part of Troop 3323, our Sister Troop for the Girls. We go on outings and have meetings together as one big Troop. Rory was the SPL for 3323 last year and Adelia is an up and coming Scout in the Troop.  

As part of a fundraiser to support our troop activities, we are selling Christmas Wreaths and other festive items. The items with the lite grey background we will hand deliver to you locally. The items with the dark grey background are items that will be shipped directly to the person. We are also offering options on how to order. We can come to your house and take your order like normal, or you can let us know what you want and we can pick up the check or cash; or you can drop the check or cash off in our locking mailbox with your order. If you want to pay online you can pay via Venmo.

Additional information about me and scouts over the last year:

I received my Eagle Scout rank in August. I am still on my school's varsity Cross Country running team, Basketball team and the Track and Field team. Plus I am still playing guitar and have started playing piano. I am currently applying to multiple colleges. I hope to be able to go to a university in Oregon where I can study the music industry and business. 

Click here are some pictures of my Eagle Scout project.

Thank You for your order.

Gage Kloft

211 W Waltann Ln 

(For dropping off orders in our locking mailbox.)

My Dad's Info:

Brian Kloft