GAeTE 2019

Business Meeting Agenda 2019

1. Roll call

2. Secretary reads previous minutes (Motion to Approve)

3. Treasurer’s Report

4. Committee Reports

  • Awards Lucretia Gant
  • Bylaws Dave Head
  • Legislative Dianne Lhotte
  • Membership Robert Sloan
  • Nominations Rose Thomas
  • Public Relations Shenica Bridges-Mathieu
  • Resolutions Tonia Schofield
  • Webmaster Need to have a chairperson

5. President's Report and updates

6. Old Business:

7. New Business: (Each one will need a motion)

8. DOE Updates- Roger Ivey

9. GETEA Representative announcements and updates-


Please make the most of this conference by attending the sessions and providing your feedback about the sessions and suggestions for improvement. Our speaker for the Luncheon will be David Williams from Georgia Southern University. Awards will also be given during the Luncheon.

Are there any Announcements from advisors or announcements from the general membership?

11. RECESS - until our awards luncheon Tuesday, July 16 from 12:00 – 1:45 PM in the Hyatt Place, Room MP 1-3.