Gadget's Links

Please feel free to use my referral links below. If you have questions about the products, the links, or just want me to know you used my link, please E-mail me. I would be glad to hear from anyone. Thank you!

Credit Cards

American Express Any Amex card, business or personal. If you don't like the offer you see, try incognito/private browsing.

Amex Blue Cash Preferred® Card

Amex EveryDay® Credit Card

Amex Hilton Honors Card

Capital One Quicksilver

Chase Disney $200 bonus for $500 spend in 3 months.

Chase Freedom $150 bonus for $500 spend in 3 months.

Chase Freedom Unlimited 3% Cashback First Year

Discover It $50 Statement Credit when you make your first purchase in 3 months. First year cashback is doubled at end of year.

Banks - Investments - Prepaid Cards

BANKS (Brick & Mortar)

Associated Bank You get $50 to open a checking account, fund with $100+, and do 3 bills pays or a DD of $300+ in 60 days.

Capital One 360

Dollar Bank

First Tennessee/Capital Bank Personal Account

First Tennessee/Capital Bank Business Account

Old National Bank or This One

Ask me about Regions Bank; You earn $50 for signing up and setting up a $300+ Direct Deposit & 10x debits within 60 days. I will need your First & Last Name, and the Email address you will use to open the account.


SoFi Money Open an account, fund with $100 from your external bank, and earn a $50 bonus.

Aspiration Spend & Save $25 for you, $25 for Charity.

Cash App Good P2P payment app. Also may work to trigger bank bonuses that require DD. Another use is for P1 - P2 money transfer situations without having a joint account.

Empower Join Empower and we'll both get up to 2% cashback on debit card purchases and 3.80% APY on up to $50k of savings. After 30 days, goes down by half unless you get "boosted" by referring others.


SoFi Invest Open and fund a New Active Invest Account with at least $25 in 14 business days, and earn $50.

WeBull Open an account, fund with $100, and you get two free stocks.

Moomoo Open an account and receive a free stock, valued from $3-$200.

Ellevest Open an account, fund at least $1 from your bank, and earn $20 bonus in 90 days.

Robinhood Get 1 share of free stock when your brokerage application is approved.

Schwab You get $100 or more... I get the joy of helping someone.

Acorns Get $5 to signup. Also serves as a shopping portal, except your earned rewards are put into your investment account.


SoFi Loans Get $100 for refinancing your student loan, or $100 for opening a new personal loan.


Netspend Prepaid Variants: Netspend, Brinks, Western Union, & ACE Elite - Earn a $20 bonus for loading at least $40. Then, open the savings account and earn 5% APY on the savings, capped at $1K. Can have up to at least 5 different Netpends without issue. I have 6, but my cards are not all active.

Money Saving Apps - Portals - Sites

PASSIVE EARNINGS APPS - Link your cards and/or banks, and watch the points accrue. Optionally, they also have offers inside the app that require using their link.

Dosh App Referral Code: JEFFRES58

Drop App Referral Code: a2pak

Pei App Referral Code: pnbrql You have to download the app and use my referral code to bypass wait-list.

Bumped Earn stock for your purchases. Currently on a wait-list.

ACTIVE EARNINGS APPS - Requires you to select coupons or offers, upload receipts, use their portal, etc. to get money back on purchases.

Ibotta App Referral Code: pdlhgpr Many offers for grocery items, mainly, but also works as a shopping portal.

Checkout 51 App Has a wide variety of grocery coupons.

PORTALS TO GET CASHBACK - Login to their site, use their links to shop online, and you earn cashback on ELIGIBLE purchases at 3rd party sites.

TopCashback Referral Code: jeffjs

Rakuten (Ebates) Referral Code: JEFFS916

Mr. Rebates


Swagbucks Referral Code: GadgetGeek73 - Frequently offers money-making opportunities, usually when subscribing to services.


Sam's Club - Get $10 back on a $45 membership. Sam's is great for some things IMO, but it all depends on your shopping habits whether it is worth joining. Worst case, you hate it, then you cancel your membership. They typically give you your entire $45 membership fee back, not prorated.

Groupon - Occasionally has some decent deals on local event tickets and services. I would be wary of the shopping deals, as from what I have noticed, usually available elsewhere for less, or are poorly rated closeout products.

Earny - Automatically submits price adjustments on your behalf when prices go down. Could be a good deal for those who do a lot of shopping, but Earny recently switched to a monthly subscription vs. the old way where you paid them 25% the monthly refunds they collected for you.


Coinbase XLM Crypto Promo Get up to $50 in XLM crypto

Join Coinbase

Get free EOS Get up to $50 in EOS crypto

Need Gas? Best apps to get a deal!

Fuel Rewards Good program if you use Shell gas stations. Link a Chase Freedom card and get Gold status & at least 5 cents/gallon discount.

GetUpside Highly recommended for those on the East Coast and Midwest. Get cashback on gas purchases at specific gas stations, as well as referral cash back two levels deep (You get 2 cents per gallon for your referrals gas purchases, and 1 cent per gallon for their referrals). The affiliated gas stations do change, so don't give up all hope if you aren't impressed when signing up.

Phone - Cable - Wireless & Utilities

Want a Verizon FIOS referral? - You cannot beat Fios for overall internet speed. Their TV/DVR & phone service is just okay. Best deal is usually to get the package deal, unless you are going to cord-cut and do internet only!

Sprint Wireless Service - I would probably recommend other providers before Sprint, but they aren't the worst. I switched for the "1 year free" deal, but unsure if that will ever come back again.

Arcadia Power - If you want to be "greener", may allow you to change your power source to renewable energy. I like them because I pay my electric bill via credit card and avoid my local power company CC fee.

Vistaprint - Get $20 off $40. This is a great way to make personalized items for upcoming holidays and events, or your business needs. They have so much more than just business cards and stationary. Shirts, mugs, bags, signs, etc. Show loved ones you care by creating a one-of-kind gift!

Websites & Apps that ARE worth your time!

These Are Not Referral Links - I just like them enough to recommend to anyone!

Best Site On The Whole Internet: - Real explanations and common sense advice to help you wade through the terms of almost any financial product or deal. - Find which portal is offering the best cashback rate. Beware of product category exclusions though. Does not keep track of apps like Ibotta, Dosh, Drop, Pei, etc. that may have a better offer. or ValPak App - Great way to find local coupons when out and about! Usable coast to coast AFAIK!