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G4 WORKING ACTIVITIES in 2017 (state June 30th 2017)

To come

16th, 17th and 18th of November, 2017 - ICERI2017, the 10th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation will be held in Seville (Spain) .

23 Octobre - 4ème Dialogue 2030 , mise en œuvre en Suisse de l’Agenda 2030 - les défis pour la Suisse - nationaux et internationaux , Office fédéral du développement territorial ARE, Bern

16th October - Fiscal Transparency, an effective solution ? - TaxCOOP est une invitation annuelle aux gouvernements, aux milieux politiques, aux gens d’affaires, aux universitaires et à la société civile de tous les pays concernés à réfléchir conjointement aux enjeux liés à la concurrence fiscale, à entendre les point de vue d’experts reconnus mondialement et à découvrir les initiatives proposées.

13th October - proposal to WEF about rehumanizing and leveraging human potentials via education at all ages to prepare for the 4th industrial revolution and the Global Goal transitions on 17 societal topics incl. glocal governance - Greater Geneva a pilot lighthouse project, with other key city / regions of all continents ?

Ongoing societal proposal


Initiate Greater Geneva as a lighthouse pilot city/region for Global Goals - G4

Ignite the willing to engage and leverage Global Goals for the Greater Good - G4


> Geneva Stakeholders' Launch August 2017 : letter & meta G4 actionable societal project proposal ( here original french ) to engage local & international Geneva into Global Goal transitions; can be adapted & replicated in communities and other city/regions via documents translated into english: letter & meta societal project proposal

> Geneva Global Launch June 2017: - G4 recommendation to WSIS Forum 2017 & UN: Human Digital Rights & Responsibilities, includes the G4 concept as a meta integral societal systemic mean to realize effectively 21st century regenerative transformations - traduction de la synthèse en Français ( 4 premières pages )


> Embody a societal transformational paradigm shift via a systemic approach , which includes evolution of mindsets, culture and relationships, education at all ages, systems, metrics, decision and success criteria - the G4 systemic societal fractal approach,

> Implement Living Labs in key public , private, civil society organisations of city / regions with 2 missions : align operational organisations on Global Goals & NDCs, engage in design thinking to initiate transitions ; embody global goal number 17 - renewed societal partnerships - the Geneva example ; more than 5 active Living Labs


> systemic - acts in favor of the common greater good and all stakeholders, the whole and the parts

> societal - adresses all stakeholders of society to cocreate emergence together

> human and life centric - adresses integral human development, evolution of relationships to self, others and nature, adaptive to organisational & regional cultures

> Integral & inclusive - adresses all people & action logics perspectives ; incl.1st and 2nd tiers of spiral dynamics - French - English

> fractal - can be applied to all societal organisational levels; from local communities to city regions & global; incl. federal emergent mobilizing transformational governance

> necessary & suficient: addresses complex problem solving , incl. top down and bottom up, human and hard sciences, technology and wisdom, systems and metrics

> regenerative : regenerate our societal capitals in terms of people, planet profit peace partnerships prosperity, in order to get out of our societal debts, and unsustainable zones beyond social floor and environmental ceilings - Oxfam Doughnut

> proof of concept: embodied transformations in a large corporation 1. Business Model : from linear to circular; 2. Value Propositions: from one strong Brand to customer centric Multibrand-positioning - Philip's Bio & Business perspectives


Partners & deep insights into 21st c. knowledge & wisdom: youtube channel

Blog -


  • by IntegralMENTORS , Urban Hub 7 , Visions and worldviews 3, Thriveable Cities, page 85


21 September - Geneva Peace Talks - Building Bridges : a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and people. The topic of inclusion and respect for diversity is an important one affecting all of us, especially in these times.

  • G4 connected with speakers and organizers; follow up with Colombia, Chicago, journalism & security

15 September - General Assembly 2017 - presentation of HDRR with G4 concept and framework

5 September - G4 and partners published by IntegralMENTORS , Urban Hub 7 , Visions and worldviews 3, Thriveable Cities

1 September - G4 submited on the Global Explorer

3-6 July 2017 - Tomorrow’s Learning: Involving Everyone Printworks Conference Hall, Dublin Castle - , Doctoral Consortium, ICS Offices, Ballsbridge - 2 July 2017

29-30 June G21-Swisstainability Forum, at EPFL,

22 June General Assembly Global Compact Switzerland Network, Basel

  • Synthesis - Business and the SDGs: Embark on the opportunity journey to 2030
  • An Acceleration Tool in favor of Global Goal related Transitions and Transformations : the Global Opportunity Explorer - video ; website
  • UN Global Compact - Antonio Hautle - critical thinking and acting, business opportunities, tools - video
  • M. Gerber Swiss SDG Ambassador - Health & Well-being at the core of Swiss public and private SDG implementation ;
  • Video of the public event - intro UN Global Compact , interventions Suisse SDG Ambassador, Novartis and 2 panels - incl. Nestlé, ... (2 hours )

12-16 of June 2017 at IUT (Geneva) : WSIS Forum 2017 (2017-06-12..16, WSIS Forum 2017)

7-9 June "AI for Good Global Summit" ITU - Geneva, Switzerland

5-7 June explore G4 synergies with foundation Behaviori, Quebec, CND

28 May - 4 June explore G4 education21 and SDG opportunities via and with , Montreal, CND

25 May 2017 - What do our G4 members, strategic partners, strategic influencers say ? launch of our G4 Youtube channel

20 May 2017, G4 published by Integral MENTORS - Urban Hub v5, courtesy of Paul Van Schaik; see also Integral without Boarders

12-14 May 2017 at Battelle - CUI University of Geneva, Open Geneva Hackatons :

28 April 2017, Bern at BNS General Assembly : full speech Philip Koenig, cofounder of G4,; video 3 min pitch

30th March 2017: publication of the 1st G4 newsletter : LIGHTHOUSE

24th March 2017:

22nd -23rd March 2017 at Battelle - CUI (University of Geneva) 1st societal Living Lab:

3rd - 4th March in Barcelona : the IFIP Workshop TC9 WG 9.2 on « Where is digital technology taking us ? Who is in charge ? »

14th February at ITU (Geneva headquarter : WSIS Forum 2017: Open Consultation Process 2nd Physical Meeting on the Thematic Aspects and Innovations on the Format

3rd February 2017 in Lausanne (HES-SO) : After the LIN Forum N°2 - Connectons projets, idées et entreprises numériques innovantes

2nd of February 2017 in Bern : foundation of G4 mouvement


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