Sell Eupec FZ800R12KE3 New Stock

Sell Eupec FZ800R12KE3 New Stock

FZ800R12KE3 IGBT: 800A1200V; FZ800R12KE3

  • Part Number: FZ800R12KE3

  • Category: IGBT Module

  • Manufacturer: Eupec

  • Packaging: IGBT Module

  • Data Code: 2015+

  • Qty Available: 104

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FZ800R12KE3 Description

Brand: Infineon Technologies AG

Vces: 1,200 Volts DC

FZ800R12KE3 Specifications:

Ic: 800 Amps

Vges +/-: ±20

Ices Max: 5 MilliAmps

Iges Max: 0.4 MicroAmps

Vge(th) Min/Max: 6.5 Volts

Vce(sat) Max: 2.15 Volts

Height (mm): 36.5

Width (mm): 106.4

Depth (mm): 61.4

Circuit Type: Single IGBT

H x W x D (in.): 1.44 x 4.19 x 2.42

Net Weight: 11.9918 oz

FZ800R12KE3 is an 800 amp and 1200 volt IGBT inverter which uses 4 internal IGBT switches to convert DC voltage to AC voltage. Measuring 2.44 inches and weighing in at 2.2 lbs, FZ800R12KE3 includes superior features such as: Low Switching Losses, High Creepage And Clearance Distances, High Power Density, Standard Housing with An Isolated Base Plate. This single switch IGBT module provides optimal electrical performance with flexibility and the highest level of reliability, for all your applications.

FZ800R12KE3 2.20 lbs

Target Applications

FZ800R12KE3 could be used in Drives, Wind, UPS, High power converters



IGBT: 800A1200V