Sell Eupec FZ600R65KF1 New Stock

Sell Eupec FZ600R65KF1 New Stock

FZ600R65KF1 600A/6500V/IGBT/1U; FZ600R65KF1

  • Part Number: FZ600R65KF1

  • Category: IGBT Module

  • Manufacturer: Eupec

  • Packaging: IGBT Module

  • Data Code: 2016+

  • Qty Available: 102

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FZ600R65KF1 Description

Brand: Infineon Technologies AG

Vces: 6,500 Volts DC

Ic: 600 Amps

Vges +/-: ±20

Iges Max: 0.4 MicroAmps

Vge(th) Min/Max: 8.1 Volts

Vce(sat) Max: 4.9 Volts

Height (mm): 48

Width (mm): 190

Depth (mm): 140

H x W x D (in.): 1.89 x 7.48 x 5.51

FZ600R65KF1 can release power of up to 1200A or 6300V. It is as light as 2.20 lbs. It has low saturation voltage and square RBSOA to ensure that the power it generates does not depreciate at a higher voltage. It has overcurrent limiting function and on high frequency operation to ascertain that this device itself will not worn out when continuously used. Efficiency, optimum electric performance and reliability are the three advantages that FZ600R65KF1 can give.

FZ600R65KF1 2.20 lbs

Target Applications

FZ600R65KF1 could be used in High Power Switching, A.C. Motor Controls, D.C. Motor Controls, Uninterruptible Power Supply, Inverter for motor drive