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TEAZER-all about Health Care

We are busy setting up our next career inspiration event in collaboration with Junior Achievement and the Belmont Library.

With this event, we are spotlighting careers in Health Care. We are seeking volunteers who enjoy talking about their jobs, can show and bring some hands-on materials for the students to experience. We at FYI-Project are happy to give guidance and help with the set-up of interactive stations.

The "Teazer" will be held on Februray 2nd, from 11 am - 1 pm at the Belmont Library.

Contact FYI-Project:, for more information or register as a volunteer at: Become a Teazer Volunteer

This is an awesome opportunity to connect with the community and most of all make a lasting impact on the future workforce.

About the FYI-Project

Imagine yourself back in middle school. Can you remember what you wanted to be? How did you see yourself in the future? Did you imagine yourself as a successful business owner, a doctor in a white coat or saving people as a firefighter or police officer?

We help students learn more about the many possible career paths and bring the classroom closer to where the professionals are by using modern technology.

What the students say about their FYI experience:

Sarah: "I liked it how we got a realistic perspective on someone's job."

Nathan: "The person that we talked to was really engaged with the session and answering our question honestly."

Naomi: "He was very informative about his job and his career and why he chose that career."