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The Most Accurate Forex Trading System of 2021!

What is the FX Delta 2.0

FX Delta 2.0 is the powerful and newly iterated version of the FX Delta trading system, a system used every week by hundreds of traders. Employing state-of-the-art Delta Pattern Quality Filters (DPQF), the FX Delta 2.0 autonomously generates high probability trading signals through price action, momentum, volume, and divergence trading fundamentals.

First debuted in 2016, the FX Delta was developed by Yordan Kuzmanov, a veteran forex trader

and leading trader for Traders Academy Club.

Despite the ongoing success of the Forex FX Delta, integrations had to be put into place to improve the functionality, performance and user compatibility of the system. Newly innovated with powerful and intuitive trading features, the FX Delta 2.0 will be here for years to come and will continue to be a trusted trading solution by online traders across the globe.


Hi Traders!

Below you can find a table showing examples of trades using the FX Delta 2 technique with images showing the exact entries and exits and trades information, such as entry level, stop loss, take profit etc. The idea is simple – to give you an idea how the FX Delta 2 strategy looks in action.

The table is for educational purposes only.

The trade examples you see on the table below, represent example of trades using the rules of FX Delta 2 and the additional trading techniques used to analyze the markets, organized by dates. Please make sure to go over the material available in the educational course, practice that well and practice demo account first, before you take any real-money action. The purpose of the trade examples shown below is to demonstrate how trading setups using the FX Delta 2 techniques look like, why they are acceptable and how to handle them. Last two columns in the table below, represents a different performance value. One column is showing the gains growth based on pips and the other one, based on percentage.

The table shows results as if one would execute these exact trades by FX Delta 2 techniques as in the table. Executions of different trades and setups will lead to different performance. Past success does not guarantee future performance. The results are hypothetical. The trade examples below are not trading advice! The purpose of this table is educational only. None of the above and below is a recommendation or an advice for a specific action of buy or sell.


FX Delta 2.0 is a powerful proprietary forex trading system that can be leveraged by novice and experienced day traders. Engineered from the FX Delta framework, the FX Delta 2.0 delivers an all-in-one package with a versatile user dashboard, newly integrated intuitive trading features, and additional filtering parameters resulting in more optimal trading conditions. The following user guide and video tutorials contain ALL you should know regarding our strategy if you are interested in learning more.

By scanning trends in long time-frames, while identifying market corrections on shorter time frames, the FX Delta 2.0 algorithm is capable of pinpointing high-probability market entries where risk is minimum and probability of trend continuation is at its highest. Our algorithm analyzes price action with market volume and momentum to identify trend trading opportunities making our solution suitable for intra-day and long-term trading.