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This woman is a question person: Dr. Chantal Burnison is not just a biologist and chemist, she is also an attorney and a small business woman. Dr. Chantal Burnison developed an extraordinary innovation: She discovered Cyoctol (more about this in a moment), and she was the leader and C.E.O. of a huge skincare company, - the Chantal Pharmaceutical Corp.

In May 1980, Dr. Chantal Burnison established CBD Corporation. In 1982, she merged with Interferon Pharmaceutical Business and named the newest company Chantal Pharmaceutical Corporation. Chantal held 78 per cent of the stock at the time. Till Dr. Burnison came to the scene, Epidermis care products (with their low production fees and large gross margins) wherever potentially profitable - however the particular element Ethocyn (one of Dr. Burnison's best discoveries) prices a lot to make and Ethocyn centered products and services were being sold at high price tags. Professional ads and opinions for Ethocyn explain Chantal as responsible for having''discovered the molecule that assists reverse the visible effects of ageing skin.' 'In 1985, she folded out the Chantal Ethocyn Epidermis Treatment point, which included ethocyn essence, ethocyn moisturizing complex moisturizer, vision product, ethocyn give and human body moisturizer, solution cleanser, and revitalizing masque.

Because acne is the most frequent skin condition and folks of all ages and ethnicities get acne, Dr. Chantal Burnison was trying to find a cure to acne and support thousands of people all over the world. She'd identified that acne is generally the consequence of surplus skin fat created by the linkup between DHT (dihydrotestosterone-androgen hormon) and compound receptors. After several years of study, she finally discovered her biggest discovery - Cyoctol - an antiandrogen, a DHT inhibitor. One form of Cyoctol could be the Ethocyn.

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Ethocyn can be a non-steroidal anti-androgen DHT inhibitor, that has been clinically proven as an Elastin restorer. While not succeeding in finding a cure for acne, Dr. Chantal however accomplished her respectable aim: helping as many people as you are able to to check and feel much better by increasing their epidermis look with Ethocyn services and products such as Ethocyn Essence. The Ethocyn services and products help visitors to minimize the look of lines wrinkles and sagging skin - by really fixing Elastin materials, which are responsible for stretching and flexing our skin. These item consumers are pleased to Chantal Ethocyn services and products and I believe that persons have to know who Dr.Chantal Burnison is, and just what a good element she discovered.

Nowadays, Dr. Chantal Burnison is among the spokespersons and she is on the scientific advisory table people for Nu Epidermis Inc. She serves on the Table of Administrators to numerous companies; both private and public. Chantal consults as a biomedical analyst for several investment banking institutions and she can be an analyst expert to industry and investment bankers regarding design of preclinical toxicology, pharmacology, pharmacokinetic medical methods for medicine processing for US FDA, Swiss IKS and German GBA regulatory agencies. She can also be a visitor speaker at Biotechnology conventions and Cosmetic Business meetings throughout the world.