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Todd Rampe is one of the best and experienced day trader and he worked as a day trader full time. After gaining a lot of valuable experience, he decided to develop the Pro9Trader system. He started with the stocks and also the OEX options and later on he went on to work with the S&P 500 and also with the other markets. After this, he shifted into the crude oil market, the S&P mid cap and many more. He also worked on DOW and NASDAQ. He worked hard and learned about profit making and earned a lot of money with discipline. However, after the dot-com bubble happened, he was already trading without any stops and caps and eventually he suffered a $400K financial loss. It took him a good amount of time to regain his confidence and start with the day trading again.

However, this time he started with a small account. He still looked to enjoy the leverage with the margined stock account and this was because he still wanted to see the increasing of the daily percentage and he knew that he could turn it into a small fortune.

In the year of 2004, he started a day trading chat room and it was named as eminiWealth. This is where he would call the emini S&P trades and this was done in real time. He understood that most of the day traders were making poor decisions of investment and those who did have one; they didn’t follow their trading plan, which lead to no profit.

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From the experience of Mr. Todd, he understood that only 20% of people who were in chat room were opting for the day trade, on the other hand, the rest 80% of the people weren’t able to make the decision properly to enter the niche of day trade and actually carry out the day trade. This was somewhat reasonable because they had a fear instilled inside them as an amateur trader.

He later on interviewed a lot of day traders and he tried to understand the behavior that they were engaging in. He understood that most of the day traders, that he interviewed, had a difficult time to decipher and believing in the indicators that they were using and they had a good reason for this.

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He later on decided to work on software, which would help the day traders to trade efficiently. He travelled to Mexico and he hired a software programmer who would help with the building of the software. After a lot of research and development of the software that was his idea, and as soon as it reached his standards, he decided to release the software in public.

In 2010, his software signaled its 1000th trade. He later on returned to US as he would need to be present to launch the software to the public. He mentioned that most of the clients who use this software are those people who never traded before.

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There are various investment programs available but they are priced higher than what an average investor can actually afford. The software that is developed and released by him is easier to use and also it has more advantages as it offers clearer data, which can be understood by anyone without any hassle. One doesn’t even require any type of experience to use this software. According to Mr. Todd, there are so good characteristics of the day trader and these are: self motivation, quick and decisive, persistent and disciplined, interested and enthusiastic, familiar with the trading platforms and also with the systems, open to learning new things, understands technology, has got proper and strong financial backup and has got a good support network. These are important for any day trader.

According to Mr. Todd, timing is very important for day trading. There are over hundreds of articles and books written to help with day trading but at the end, one will only need to know that day trading is all about the trend, the timing and the direction. It does take sometimes to understand the trend, but this is very important to understand.

The software top9trader is automated software and it doesn’t use any visible indicators, but it only shows the day trader the basic information. This software was a huge success because of intense research and development. This software is the result of the experience of Mr. Todd and his years of experimentation and it will help the people to understand about day trading and trade as a day trader without any hassle. He has also authored a book that shows how to manage money the Pro9trader way. One can also check out Todd Rampe Reviews. One can get this software via Academy day trading website, where one can check out the trading signals, futures training and futures education.

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