Future Cities Lab

The Future Cities Lab is a joint research lab at École Centrale Pékin, in collaboration with Beihang University, CentraleSupélec and IRT SystemX

The lab is concerned with the emerging topics in understanding, modeling and managing various urban systems such as transport, energy, water supply, waste and other areas.

The future of cities is at the core of worldwide development strategies. Today, the economic growth brought by the development of urban areas is unparalleled. Total urban population is expected to increase by 66% by 2050, with more than six billion people living in cities. This presents many social, technical, and economic opportunities, but also poses significant challenges.

Current and future technological developments in the areas of mobility technologies and digitalization present many opportunities for disruptive change of the current mobility system and, with it, the whole city. Within this context, the Future Cities Lab is developing research related to the future of urban transportaion, resouce managment and health-care systems.


Hai-Jun Huang - Chinese director of the Future Cities Lab

Hai-Jun Huang is the vice president of Beihang University. He is the Cheng Kong professor and has got the grant awarded for National Excellent Young Researchers in 1998. He is the chief scientist of several national major scientific research projects including 973 Program.

His research interests include road traffic flow models, transport network modeling, travel behavior analysis and congested road-use pricing.

Jakob Puchinger - French director of the Future Cities Lab

Jakob Puchinger is professor at the Industrial Engineering Department of CentraleSupélec, heading the Operations Managment Team. He is also the senior scientist at IRT SystemX, responsible for the scientific axis on scientific computing and optimization.

His main research interests are in urban mobility and in the optimization of transport systems

Adam F. Abdin - Assistant Professor

Adam F. Abdin is Assistant Professor at the Laboratory of Industrial Engineering, CentraleSupélec.
He is attached to the research group of Operations Management.

Adam F. Abdin's research is focused on developing decision support models to plan, manage and operate complex infrastructure systems and their interactions, combining techno-economic modeling, data analytics approaches, robust optimization techniques and game-theory methods.

Michele Tirico - PostDoc Researcher

Michele Tirico is a PostDoc researcher at LGI laboratory (CentraleSupélec, University of Paris-Saclay). He received his Ph.D in computer science by University of Le Havre Normandy (France), his M.Sc. in engineering by University of Pisa (Italy) and a second M.Sc. in geography by University of Côte d'Azur, Nice (France). He is interested in urban sistems, urban mobility and urban transformations. His approaches are drawn from complexity theory, network science, artificial intelligence and agent-based systems.

Yang Xianyi - Researcher

After getting the bachelor's degree at Beihang university, China, Yang Xianyi is now continuing his studies as a postgraduate researcher at the Future Cities Lab

Xianyi's major is electronic information and his research subject is about the assessment of shared autonomous electrical vehicles' operation.

Etienne Liu Jinming- Researcher

Etienne Liu Jinming is a master student at Beihang University in Ecole Centrale Pékin.

His main research interests is resilience assessment of electric based autonomous mobility system and power distribution grid.

Jie Tu-internship researcher

Jie TU is an internship at the Future Cities Lab, He received his double bachelor's degree (in Mathematics and Computer Science) at University of Paris Cite, France, his is preparing a double Master's degree (in Data Science) at the University of Paris Cite, He is interested in data processing, data analysis and machine learning.

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