Develop General Platform for Industry Internet (Industry 4.0) with

Manufacturing Resource Planning and Business Intelligent

Objective project is to develop a general platform for SME to increase their production throughput and monitor their resources easily. 

Figure 1. Show M2M/IoT platform using MQTT protocol

This platform consists of 5 sectors. First is hardware design, the sensor or machine-to-monitor using MQTT send out data to MQTT broker. Second part is backend system and database development, to receive data from MQTT broker and display data on internet browser. Third is decision making algorithm. Fourth is client/suppliers interface. Lastly is inventory monitoring module.

First, on our demo hardware, we designed 4 functions in a single hardware to illustrate M2M communication.

Figure 2. shows the function designed in single hardware using TM4C129 Series(Ethernet), CC3200(WIFI).
Figure 3 shows the demo hardware equipped with above function.

Backend system is using node.JS and mongoDB for noSQL database development. It is more flexible for expandable compare to normal SQL. Programming is doing under Ubuntu Linux system. We develop front end graphic user interface by responsive html5 and php. We also using gulp to modify our source code to increase our efficiency to maximum for different clients industry. The data will be retrieved from MQTT broker with designed topic. Data will channel to database and then publish on the html page for user to monitor and analysis. For controlling from GUI, the data will send to MQTT broker and hardware will go to retrieve it.

Third part is decision making module that is followed on user’s configuration and do the pre-defined action. Which is similar to IFTTT(

Next segment is about client/suppliers interface. This module basically to get the data automatically from suppliers or client. So that is not need to data enter in factory office. Part of the module is very much similar to e-commerce. The unique of this module is showing the inventory side by side with the ordering item. So this will give user a full control of the demand and supplies curve. An Email or android phone notification will be sent out to client/supplies to confirm the receiving/delivery date and time. User will receive notification if the inventory level is getting low. And this signal could pass to decision making module to trigger order to raw material suppliers for manufacturing. If machine faulty, a notification will send to user and engineering team for further action. That significantly reduces mis-communication in SME.

Figure 4 shows business intelligent that publish from production lines (machines/sensor).

The responsive web-app will show the statistic of production throughput, also show ordering information and details, process scheduling, expected revenue, income and expenses by chart, pie, running graph and other data presentation method.

Inventory module allow user to fully control their inventory and raw material in term if quantity, quality and price.

Conclusion, we successfully designed and developed this platform aiming to increase productivity of SME and transform human resource to another technology level. This platform also change factory product to factory service in near future.