18.05-22.05.2022_Bucharest, Romania (Check-in: 17.05 - Check-out: 23.05)


In this rapidly changing world, one must adapt itself to constantly changing conditions.
Designed by 7 for-impact organisations, with the support of Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission, this training course will bring together 20 youth workers and professionals from United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, and Portugal that will become familiar with two organisational instruments to develop the capacity to fundraise and innovate in youth NGOs. Are YOU up for the challenge?

Aim and objectives:

The main aim of the project is to support youth organisations, including informal youth groups active in the youth environment to acquire a set of skills that allow them to use fundraising and innovation intelligence to participate more widely in society, contributing, through an intensive 5 days training course.


Day 1 - 18.05

- Get to know each other games- Teambuilding activity- Group principles - Learning flow; Aspirations and Contributions, Learning objectives. - Key concepts in Fundraising and Innovation Intelligence- Daily reflection
Arrival of participants is expected on 17.05 during the day.

Day 2 - 19.05

- Intro Fundraising and Innovation Intelligence Toolkit - User journey- Parallel workshops - Intro e-Coaching Sets- Daily reflection

Day 3 - 20.05

- Organisational Intelligence- Economic Intelligence- Evaluation Intelligence- Social Innovation Intelligence- Daily reflection

Day 4 - 21.05

- Learning Intelligence- Co-creation Workshops- Pitching competition- Fundraising campaigns (Part I)- Daily reflection- Intercultural evening 3

Day 5 - 22.05

- Fundraising Campaign (Part II)-Presentation of the campaign- Final evaluation- Exploratory afternoon in Bucharest (Village Museum)Departure of the participants is expected on 01.03 in the first part of the day


Imagine that you could go back to school, but instead of geometry and spelling, you could learn valuable skills that transform your work and life - like how to handle difficult conversations, solve problems through playful creative methods or build brick by brick your life-project.
We guide young people and qualify youth workers both vocationally and personally, both independent and in cooperation with other experts and mentors, by developing their know-how and methodology on 4 main areas: positive intelligence, talent management, creativity and entrepreneurship education.
During the learning process, the youth workers and youngsters discover that there is more than one path, that with customized training they can gain strength to embrace changes and appreciate small things that make them happy. Ultimately, they become conscious, determined and positive about their journey, and make a positive impact in their community.
Check more info:Our website: Monomyths Learning - our educational platform Ideas Ark Community:


  • Alphabet Formation (Coordinator)

  • Monomyths Association (Romania)

  • APPIS (Portugal)

  • Xano Channel (Spain)

  • GIDE (France)

  • ARCOLA Research LLP (United Kingdom)

  • iFUND Impresa Sociale (Italy)


20 European Youth workers, fundraising & volunteer managers, leaders of youth organisations, staff from consortium, involved in youth programmes, non-formal activities (4 participants per country)

Age: 18+

Experience: previous experience in youth field, non-formal education, Erasmus+ Programme is recommended

Active in the sending Non-profit organisation (staff, volunteer, employer)

Language: English Intermediate

Procedure: Complete the participant application form: After the selection of the participants, if you receive a positive answer from the sending organization, please accept our support to book flight tickets.


1) Pre-assignments for Parallel WorkshopsIn the second day we will create space and invite you to share with the group practices, tools, knowledge, and non-formal education methods connected with the five meta-topics of our project: Learning Intelligence - Organisational Intelligence - Social Innovation Intelligence - Economic Intelligence - Evaluation Intelligence. If you want to facilitate a workshop (between 30' to 1h30'), please prepare it in advance and communicate your intention to your accompanying person.
2) Mind the weatherThe weather during Spring season in Bucharest might be unpredictable - both sunny and rainy, so please make sure you will bring suitable clothes, waterproof jackets or sun creams. At the moment, the temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius.


Campus Vitan Village – Phone number: 0040 *2722 / 0040 740 827 222

Accommodation provided: check-in February 20th and check out March 1st.

Address: Energeticienilor Boulevard no. 9-11, District 3, Bucharest.

Conditions: Participants will stay in double rooms in a private student campus. Each room has its own bathroom, a small fridge, a microwave. There is also a dedicated space for those who want to stay on internet and chat until late, but the Wi-Fi will also be available in the individual rooms. In the same building you have a special room where you can make a tea in the evening and play some board games. Also, in front of the building there’s a mini-park where you can stay until late. The space has security and the access is limited only to residents.

Smoking is forbidden in the rooms and in the common spaces inside the buildings. Smokers can use for smoking the balconies, the terraces, and the spaces outside the buildings. What to bring: towels, hair dryer, cosmetics, flip flops. There is also a laundry and drying room in the campus. It is self-service and it costs about 3-5 euros.


The international transportation costs will be covered by the sending organisations. Please discuss directly and book the tickets according to the timetable of activities. Keep the boarding passes and other tickets and give them to the accompanying person travelling with you.
Although we can’t reimburse you the cost of health insurances, having one that is valid during all period of the mobility is mandatory! Romania is an EU member state, so an insurance for travelling here should be cheap and easy to make. If you have a European Health Card, please bring it with you, it is valid in our hospital system and can replace a regular insurance.


Monomyths Association will follow, during the whole duration of the training course, the Health Protocol regarding the security and protection of all the participants and staff. The protection and security measures will be in accordance with the legislation in force at the time of the face-to-face activity, always considering the indications of the Romanian Ministry of Health, indications of accommodation and transport (international and national).

Previous to the project:

As a European travel rule, the travel of any participant who presents Covid-19 symptoms prior to the trip to Romania is strictly forbidden. Each participant has the responsibility to check before the departure the rules and restrictions imposed for their country by the Romanian Ministry of Healthy.

PCR tests & Health Insurance

The youth workers selected to attend the international mobility acknowledge and agree to have a valid health insurance for the whole duration of the training course and a PCR test (if is considered a mandatory condition to enter the country).

Currently the masks are recommended only for the public transportation.


All the participants attending the training course are entitled to receive an international certificate that validate the collection of key-competencies, knowledge and attitudes that they have acquired during the training course. The Youthpass certificate can be used during the learning process as a self-reflection tool where you explore the following 8 Key competencies:

1. Multilingual competence; 2. Personal, social and learning to learn competence; 3. Citizenship competence; 4. Entrepreneurship competence; 5. Competence in cultural awareness and expression; 6. Digital competence; 7. Mathematical competence and competence in science, technology, engineering (STEM); 8. Literacy competence.

Discover and read more about the Youthpass competences here


  1. Therme

For those passionate about SPAs, there is a cool place just outside Bucharest that can be reached with a free bus of the company called Therme. You can find the website also in English to check the fares . If you want to go to this place, bring your swimming suit in advance.

2. Village Museum (if the weather is lovely). Other recommended museum: Antipa Museum, National Museum of Art, Museum of Art Collection, Galeria Galateca (contemporary designers)

3. King Mihai I Park (nickname: Herastrau Park)

4. Restaurants to see Bucharest from above (recommended at sunset): Nor-Sky Casual Restaurant, 18 Lounge, Amethyst Sky Bar, Fork Ana Tower, Linea - Closer to the Moon

5. Romanian Atheneum (the symbol of Bucharest)

6. Bucharest Old Town - perfect place to enjoy some beautiful arhitecture (Stavropoleos Church, Manuc’s Inn), but also to refresh yourself in one of the many pubs in order to be ready later on to discover the hot spot of city’s nightlife

7. Carturesti Carousel Bookstore

8. Palace of the Parliament - the largest administrative building in the world by weight and size, coming in ahead of the United States Pentagon

9. Museum of Senses - experience a world of sensations, mind-blowing optical illusions and test your senses at an extraordinary museum. -

10. Romanian Traditional Restaurants - Caru cu Bere, Hanul Berarilor Casa Oprea Soare, Hanul lui Manuc