Functional Polly

What is Functional Polly?

Well, it was a jam session, then an idea, and then, a LOT of music.

See, there was this three hour set for the Stillwater ukulele band, Misspent Ukes when they were new, and didn't have quite enough music to fill it out. With time running short, a few of the members who play other instruments got together and kicked off an experiment, working on the notion that we are all utility players and can plug in and play with lots of folks, and that lots of folks we already play with could join in.

We're NOT a ukulele band - though Misspent Ukes most certainly is. Functional Polly's three founding members, Kami, Clint, and Charissa, play an array of instruments. Right now, the band carts along various quantities of guitars, basses (smallmouth and largemouth), ukes, violins, windchimes, harmonicas, shakers, mandolins and at least one electric kazoo. Our set list is eclectic, because what Functional Polly loves is singing. Two of the founding members were raised on a capella music, and one grew up singing in choirs. It turns out that was pretty decent training for the kinds of harmonies we like to hit.

You might see us in a different configuration once in a while. Cover 2's Brad or Matt might join in and Well Now Margery's Mel might, too. Some rascally Misspent Uke bandmate might find their way onstage. Traveling troubadour coming through Stilly? Welcome aboard. Who knows? That's the fun of this the experiment.

We have lots of music on deck that will delight your ears and get you smiling and singing along.

Shows and events

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If you'd like Functional Polly to bring the music to an event near you, you'll want to e-mail Kami at, or message us over on Facebook.