Hunter 294

Hunter 294

Hunter 294- function and event center is one of the most unique centers in Newcastle, Australia. This center will offer the best amenities and facilities which will allow one to host a first class event for the guests without any hassle. This center can be used for hosting a wide range of events without any hassle. The clients who booked this venue previously provided excellent testimonials regarding this venue.

Why Is This Function Room Newcastle The Best Option To Opt For Any Venue?

There are many reasons why this is one of the best venues that one can opt for. The combining area is extremely spacious and it offers modern facilities. It is also one of the top wedding venues Newcastle, which is booked by wide ranges of clients for their special day. It also offers first class services for various events such as: business or conference events. This venue is also the best option for the business venue hire. This venue will also offer an amazing venue, which is not offered by many of the venues that are available. As this venue is a spacious one, it is also the best choice as conference venues.

Function Room Newcastle

The reason it can offer the best wedding and business venues together as the spaces that are available are flexible and it can easily accommodate a wide range of social events and also work as a conference center Newcastle. One will easily be able to hold small to large gathering without any hassle. The field of play also offers a historical backdrop and it is also the perfect scene to set any scale event without any hassle.

Is This Function Room Hire Is Affordable?

Yes, this center is affordable to hire and one will be able to check the prices before they are planning to hire this center. This venue is listed as cheap wedding venues and this is why it is quite popular with a wide range of clients, who would like to host their special day at this venue.

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The clients will also be able to get experienced and dedicated events team to host any time of events without any hassle. This is why this is considered as one of the best function rooms Newcastle. The team will be able to suggest the best and innovative and creative catering ideas and they will also help to organize every detail of the event that the client wants to host.

The Gema group has the best experience as the caterers and they will be able to offer any type of food services imaginable. This group has got the best and diverse portfolio, which consists of a wide range of events and venues that has developed over the span of 24 years. This also includes Cropley house and Belhaven manor. The Gema group understands that it is very important to offer the best services to the clients and it is also important to offer affordable services, so that a wide range of customers can easily access the service without any hassle.

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There are various types of packages offered by this venue and these are: functions, meeting rooms, conference centre Newcastle, corporate events and seminar venues, trade show and expo venue, Christmas party venue, wedding venue and school formal venue.

There are also various types of rooms available and these are: broadmeadow room, Merewether room, Jestmond and Lambton room, Waratah and kotara rooms and there are also various other facilities available and these are: suites and rooms, private suites, multipurpose room etc.

For more information, the clients can also download the brochure to understand the types of services available. The clients can also visit the official website of this one of the best function rooms Newcastle and they can download the multipurpose room floor plan. There is also Wi-Fi available throughout the corporate floor, which the guests will be able to use.

The multipurpose room is located on the ground floor and this is within the venue change room facility. This is also best for the workshops, short meetings and contractor briefing. This also offers a private space with no adjoining function rooms. There are also 4 spaces available and one of these rooms also features carpet. This can also be used as break out spaces when one is using the broad meadow room for the plenary and keynote and this is during the large conference and forums and there are also Wi-Fi available. The clients will also be able to check out the gallery, where the pictures are provided. To know more about the packages, the clients can contact this venue.

To know more about their services, one can dial 02 4903 3824 and one can also visit the official website at: .