Ft Pierre to Union Center Wednesday June 6

(94 mile route)

Wear your 2015 Jersey!!

Today we need to “cowboy up” as it is our longest day of the week. The route is 94 miles after you take the shuttle to Hayes, where you will enjoy breakfast with the Hayes Volunteer Fire Department. Since we need to shuttle ALL of the riders to Hayes before you start your 94 mile ride, we are going to thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we "herd" you into buses, vans and SAG vehicles to get you to Hayes where you will find your bike and a "Smasher" of a breakfast (tater tots, scrambled eggs, sausage, gravy and cheese).

Truck with all of the bikes departs for Hayes (5:30 am CDT)

5:30 am CDT!!!!! Bicycle riders get on buses/vans/SAG vehicles to be shuttled to Hayes. Vehicles will be loading from 5:30 am CDT to 7:00 am CDT in the following order. Once full, they will leave.

  • Forell Limousine Service bus (2 buses)
  • Harlan's 15 passenger van and Gyle's 15 passenger van
  • Individual SAG vehicles
  • Mr Cat

Time changes from CDT to MDT just west of Ft Pierre

Hayes (mile 0) Hayes Fire Hall (Sweep 7:30 MDT) Breakfast courtesy of the Hayes Volunteer Fire Department

Smasher (tater tots, scrambled eggs, sausage, gravy and cheese), banana, sports drink and water

34 and Ottumwa Rd (mile 18) Boots N Spurs 4-H rest stop (Sweep 8:30 MDT)

Billsburg (mile 35) T-34 Bar and Café (Sweep 10:30 MDT)

Best little stop on the way to the Sturgis Rally - water spigot outside (free, really good rural water). Trudy (the T in T34) will have all kinds of powerade, snacks, and sandwiches if really hungry. Load up here as Trudy reminded us, you have a big climb out of the Cheyenne River Valley ahead of you.

Bridger (Mile 52) Rest stop (Sweep 12:15 MDT) Traditional Lakota treats wojapi, wasna and bison jerky, homemade cookies, water and sports drink.

Mile 52 – UPHILL!!!!

Mile 55 – You made it up!! Check out the best view of the Cheyenne River Valley!!

LUNCH STOP -- Howes store (mile 62) (Sweep 2:15 MDT)

Indian Tacos (Fundraiser for Bridger Powwow)

34 and Marcus Rd (mile 72) Meade County Shooters 4-H rest stop (Sweep 3:30)

White Owl (mile 81) (Sweep 4:30)

Enning (mile 88) Nellie’s Mercantile and Saloon (Sweep 5:00)

Union Center (mile 94) (indoor/outdoor camping location)

Showers are limited in Union Center. We recommend if you are staying with a host home in Union Center that you use the shower there.

Community hall has 2 showers each (male/female)

Union Center Baptist Church (across the street) has 1 shower

Christy has 1 shower in her home behind the community center (ask for Christy)

5:30 pm MDT Mass (led by Father Zimmer, a RASDak cyclist) Upstairs of the Community Center.

6:00pm MDT Dinner – Union Center Community Center Spaghetti, salad, dinner roll and sherbet

Thursday morning breakfast (5:00-7:00am MDT) Union Center Community Center