Great stuff, Coach. Loved working with you, brother. You got me through some lower

leg issues and helped get me back to the big show in Atlanta for SB LIII. Highly

recommend Sean's approach, knowledge and skill.

John ParryFormer NFL RefereeNFL Rules Analyst for ESPN

Excellent teacher who customizes a program for you: specific to your position on the

field or court, his evaluation of your current 'movement', and provides you with the

exercises/stretches to help you prevent future injuries. It has been great working with

Sean and look forward to continuing that relationship. Highly recommend Sean to

anyone looking to prevent injuries and live a healthier life.

Jeff ServinskiBig 10 Referee

Thanks for all the time and effort in meeting with us, observing us, and sharing your

expertise and advice! I anticipated having achy knees and some stiffness and

soreness on Sunday (typical "day-after" effects). Much to my surprise, I actually felt

great. While I was thinking the extra drills before and after the spring game might add

to the "wear and tear" on my knees and body, I actually felt much better than I typically

do the day after a game and that was even without icing. I suspect the proper

warm-up and cool down had a lot to do with that. I hope you will continue to be involved

with our development and training!"

B.S.Mid-American Conference Football Official

"Just a short note to say thanks for your efforts in presenting these new techniques for

better movement. I felt that what I learned on the field Saturday afternoon after OSU's

spring game was well worth the 12 hour round-trip."

R. G. Mid-American Conference Football Official

"Thanks so much for the time and advice given to us this weekend! I will definitely

incorporate the more of the stretching moves in my pre-game routine and I will also use

the warm-up exercises into my fitness regimen."

J. R. Big 10 Football Official

"Thanks for taking the time to speak with us on Saturday. I love your message and the

insight you provide. The good news for me is that many of the drills you shared are

already part of my training program. However, I think I now have a better clarity and

focus on the technique of those drills. Until now, I have been using the drills as a warm

up and not a tool to improve my movement efficiency. Additionally, I was happy to hear your thoughts on pre-game nutrition."

M. P. Mid-American Conference Football Official