Lute Tablature editor

What is Fronimo?

It is a lute tablature editor, that is a program that allows the user to typeset own tablatures, correct them, test how they will sound on the instrument, switch from one tablature style to another, transpose them, organise the pieces in the different pages to create books and many other features. Fronimo supports Italian, French and German tablature as well as the "Spanish" tablature, that is the one used by Luis Milan, and the "Neapolitan" one as used in one of Francesco da Milano books.

The final output is printed by using a few dedicated fonts in different styles, from Renaissance to Baroque, created from old manuscripts and printed books.

Fronimo supports a subset of the standard notation. Not all the features of standard notation are supported because this tool is intended principally to enter vocal lines or put transcriptions side by side to tablature. So, for instance, quintuplets and similar are not supported while of course triplets are. Fronimo has three different font styles for standard notation: Renaissance, Baroque and modern.

Fronimo is a Windows program so it will not run with a Mac. There are some workaround like installing Windows emulators or virtual machines but be advised that it will take a little bit of additional effort to have everything set up and working. Unfortunately, porting Fronimo to MacOS would mean to rewrite it from scratch and it is not a viable option.

Here you can see some examples of typical Fronimo outputs

Where may I get Fronimo?

The official distribution of Fronimo is here. The DLL files are for localizing the interface and must have the same revision number of the main version. Fronimo 2.1 is no more available for purchasing and it is here only as a backup for the users that didn't upgrade to the newer main release. In the Tablatures folder you can find some free music contributed by Fronimo users

How can I obtain a completely functional copy?

The installer allows you to install a demo version of Fronimo. This is completely functional but cannot save. It can be used freely to open, playback and print any of the thousands of Fronimo files available in internet.

If you want to produce and save your own files, you can purchase a personal license code that grants a personal life license of use. You will be able to install Fronimo on all the computers you need, provided you are the only user. All the maintenance releases will be free and will be possible to install them with the same license code.

To get a licence code, please open the "How to register" entry in the "Help" menu of the demo version and find a PayPal button at the bottom of the page that will pop up.

Fronimo discussion group

There is a Google discussion group named Fronimo Lute Tablature Editor. It is a place where users can ask for info, assistance and report bugs and problems. The group membership allows full write access to the Tablature folder, in case one wanted to contribute some music.