I am an assistant professor at Tsinghua University.

I was a research scientist at Intel Labs China. 

I was a joint postdoc affiliated to Peking University.  

I got my Ph.D. and bachelor degrees from the Electronic Engineering department of Tsinghua University. 

Proudly, I was a former leader of Skyworks (天空工场), the largest robotics club at THU and an amazing geek utopia. 

I am generally interested in any computer vision fields related to robotics, especially 3D scene understanding.

I was a serial entrepreneur since 2009, co-launching 10+ startups covering social networks, web development tools, unmanned aerial vehicles, intelligent delivery, smart grid, VR devices, virtual human, cloud design, autonomous driving, smart manufacturing, etc.

I have a new (very good-looking) personal page still under development: 



Other Staff

Talk Show @ ASPARA 2020


Young Scientist Representative for Intel 2021


Young Scientist Representative for Intel 2021

BUCEA-Pinlan AI+Design Seminar


Implicit Representation Seminar

Welcome to our ICRA 2022 Sim2Real Challenge


Intel China TikTok Campaign 2022


Seeing old and new friends @ Bytedance AI

Proud to have several (many?) papers accepted to ICRA 2023, on 3D scene understanding and its applications.

CCL 2023 Tutorial on LLM for robotics

讲习班 - CCL 2023 (cips-cl.org)