Novel Ideas in HEP: From Theory to Detector

A two-day summit of talks, activities and workshops from 13/04/21 to 14/04/21 aiming to bring together SEPnet researchers in an array of areas of theoretical physics.


13/04/21 & 14/04/21


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the conference will be held online via Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Gathertown.

Sister conference - 'Optics and photonics for scientific progress 2021'

Please see also the sister conference 'Optics and photonics for scientific progress 2021' - here . We will be holding a joint session on outreach careers in physics and non-academic career opportunities post PhD as well as a joint online poster session, with prizes for the best posters as selected by conference attendees and a panel of expert judges.

Presenting opportunities

Guests will have the opportunity to present their work in 20 minute speaking sessions, including a 5 minute Q&A session at the end of these sessions.

There is also the opportunity for conference attendees to present a poster online, this will be held in the evening of the first day. Here presenters will be able to present their work via GatherTown with their posters 'on display' where they will be able to answers questions from other conference attendees as well as our esteemed judges. There will be public votes for the best theory poster and the best optics poster in addition to the best overall poster as decided by our panel of judges.


Please see the abstract submission page, here. Please note attendees may give a talk, present a poster or both.


The conference is funded by SEPnet - the South East Physics Network of universities.

Guest speakers

Professor Daniel Litim

University of Sussex

Formal theory

Professor Carlos Nunez

Swansea University


Dr Stefan Prestal

Lund University


Dr Vera Gulpers

University of Edinburgh

Lattice field theory

Dr Ian Tomalin

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Detector Physics

Professor Veronica Sanz

University of Sussex

Model Building

Dr Sadie Jones

University of Southampton

Outreach in academic careers

Mr John Barnes

Entangled Positions (Cardiff, UK)

Career development