Thousand Faces Festival Edmonton, AB

Saturday, November 7th at 7pm MT/ 9pm ET

on facebook.com/fringelivestream

TICKETS: bit.ly/FLSTaro

Rewarded for his kindness to a turtle, a Japanese fisherman is transported to an undersea kingdom. While

he enjoys his stay, above the waves centuries speed past. What will he find when he returns?


by Tololwa Mollel ★ Directed by Maralyn Ryan ★ Featuring Iffy Adar, Jessy Ardern, Morgan Grau, Ricky Pisco & Aran Wilson-McNally ★ Production Designer Randall Fraser ★ Lighting Designer Karlie Christie ★ Green Screen Background Designer Hanako Nagao ★ Stage Manager Jordan Campion ★ Technicians Chris Hicks & Aidan McBride

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