July 14 @ 9pm EDT


The year is 3092.

The suburbs have never been more fabulous. Everyone is, technically, a cyborg. It is standard practice for all babies to have their bio-beauty modifiers, unique to each individual, installed at birth. Children grow up expressing themselves in a wide variety of ranges until they choose their final form on their 50th birthday. These special birthdays are commemorated with annual Pageants of Celebration. The beauty standards of the olden days are long forgotten. That is, until a self proclaimed minister named Anita discovers the way to salvation.

Everything you need to know can be found in a 1950’s women’s magazine, dubbed by Anita and her disciples as the New Bible. Anita, together with her team of ill-intended Beauticians, create a competitive pageant of their own. The winner will receive a ticket to heaven: a ‘makeover’.

The Devil is a Feminist is the first of three playreadings in the AUC Emerging Artist Series.


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Kitoko Mai (Pronouns: They/Them) is a multi-disciplinary performance artist committed to Hamilton, based in Hamilton/Toronto, and a graduate of the Theatre & Film / Multimedia programs at McMaster University. Their practice incorporates live performance, poetry, visual art, found art sculpture, photography, video, sound, and theatre/storytelling. Kitoko’s work is rooted in social justice, anti-oppression, accessibility, and intersectionality. Their philosophy is to produce work that destabilizes hierarchies of power and embraces fluidity of content, artistic form, and artistic process.

Brianna Seferiades (Pronouns: She/Her) is a multidisciplinary theatre artist who loves all things whimsical, magical, and monstrous. Her previous experience includes theatrical design, directing, acting, and stage management. While usually collaborating with other artists to support their creative visions, Bri is currently working on bringing some of her own creative ideas to life.

Femmepire: Femmepire, founded by Kitoko Mai, is a collective of Hamilton and Toronto-based multi-disciplinary performance artists. This collective is comprised of media artists, theatre-makers, performance artists, musicians, researchers, students, facilitators, community organizers, visual artists, content creators, and dancers. Our work is grounded in anti-oppression, the rejection of “expert” status, the embracing of instability, and the strength of community. In short, we make stuff— for ourselves, for each other, survival, for the power of being seen. We exist together in difference. We are a family of multi-everything art bitches. We are a celebration of femininity— not as a gender or a costume, but as an intention. The assertion that femme is neutral; that femme is for everyone and anyone; that femininity is about community care, honouring yourself, and authenticity. A celebration of the destruction of binaries, which are bullshit. a place for absolutely anyone who opts into the belief that all these labels might as well mean the same thing and that everything is everything. a radical centralization of all identities deemed other, deviant, inauthentic or burdensome. An invitation to otherness.

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