About Us

Welcome to the Friends of Cale Green Park website. If you want to get in touch with us or make a comment or suggestion about the website, just [click here]. To keep up to minute with what's happening in the Park, be sure to follow us on Facebook . Click on the Facebook link or just search for @calegreenpark in Facebook.

The Friends of Cale Green Park is really a subgroup of the Cale Green Park Residents Association. We look after anything to do with Cale Green Park, Bell's Paddock and Kevin's Corner... Don't know where Kevin's Corner is? Look further down the page for the map and explanation for why it's called "Kevin's Corner"

The Friends of Cale Green Park is headed by Melanie Mather Cataquet. The group meets once a month, and minutes are circulated to members. If you would like to be on the group's mailing list or attend any of the meetings, just [click here].


The Friends of Cale Green Park has the following aims and objectives:

  • To encourage wider use of the Park by all sections of the local community
  • To protect, create, develop and improve Cale Green Park and Bell’s Paddock
  • To maintain the high standards of the Park and its facilities
  • To stimulate public interest and engender a sense of civic pride in the beauty, history and character of the Park
  • To promote sustainable practice and policy so as to enhance the biodiversity of the Park

What We Do

The Friends of Cale Green Park originally had three events each year: the Easter Monday Farmers Market, the summer event, and the Christmas event. But organising the Farmers Market became too complicated [too much Council red tape], so we stopped having them in 2014.

All our events are free and as a result, they are an ideal opportunity for the community to get together and talk to one another. In addition to the entertainment, we also provide homemade cakes and tea/coffee from the community room, crafts made by the local residents, and of course, a raffle to support future events and bulb plantings in the park.

Over the years, the entertainment has included Crazy Tramps, Rock Back the Clock, Stockport Silver Band, Elmfield Brass Band, Rudolf the Rodeo Reindeer, Egerton Park Arts College Samba Band, Annie's Saints & Sinners (jazz band), Shuttlers' Clog Dancers, St George's Hand Bell Ringers, the Falconry Centre (Hagley), the Loose Change band and Amazing Stephen [children's magician].

If you have any ideas for our park events, we would love to hear from you. If you would like a stall at one of our events, please contact us at least 4 months before the event.

Becoming a Friend

It's easy to become a friend. There are no dues to pay, nor is there an initiation ceremony. All you need to do is

Come to one of our tidy days (second Saturday of the month, 10am - 2pm)

Attend one the group's meetings. If you want to attend, please contact us and we'll send you details of the next venue.

Volunteer to help out at one of our public events.

Sign up to receive the minutes of the group's meeting, or ask for copies of past minutes to see what we've done.

Contribute to the Flower Fund.

See, it's very easy! You don't have to do all of them, just do one of these and you're a Friend.

Stockport Talking Newspaper

One of our committee members did an interview for Stockport Talking Newspaper. The interview is about the Friends of Cale Green Park, so we thought others might like to hear it. It's about 20 minutes long and the link is here

In this interview, it's mentioned that we are planning to fix the bandstand in the park [new roof, etc]. The price mentioned to do all the repairs is £3,500, but it's going to cost us £35,000 to fix the bandstand. That's right - 35 THOUSAND pounds! The good news is that the Council has made repairing the bandstand a priority, and repairs will commence in November.

Funding Accomplishments

We have received grants from Greenspace, the Community Foundation for Greater Manchester (Grassroots Fund), Impact, Stockport MBC Area Flexibility Fund and Community First. The group has also achieved the Community Foundations Quality Standard for Funding.

In early November 2016, we applied to the "Catalyst Grants for Social Movement" programme to pay for our Christmas 2016 event. It was a long shot, as we were having the event on the 4th of December, and the panel wasn't meeting until later in December to make the awards. Normally, sponsors want to see their names on the posters advertising the event, so we didn't think we'd get anything... But the good news is that they like what we do and awarded us £850!! Thank you, Action Together! Actually, we applied to Community and Voluntary Action Tameside (CVAT) but they joined Voluntary Action Oldham (VAO) and are now collectively known as Action Together.

Kevin's Corner

If you're not a member of the Cale Green Park Residents Association, then you've probably never heard of "Kevin's Corner". Basically, it's a little area on the corner next to the Owl. It's maintained by Kevin Pitchford, so we call it Kevin's Corner.

About the Community

Community First funded two of the Friends of Cale Green Park events in 2013 [the Easter Monday Farmers Market and "Busking in the Park"]. In addition, they gave us £500 in matched funding for our crowd funding campaign, and £750 towards our Christmas 2014 event. We used that money to buy a generator to power the PA system. Thank you, Community First!

They have put together a document which talks about the wider area (Davenport and Cale Green Ward), and their aims. It makes fascinating reading, and we hope you will download it and read it. If you have any comments about that document, please send them to us [using the message box at the bottom of the page]. The Community First Programme has finished, but you can visit their Facebook page [which records their accomplishments] by clicking here.

The Flower Fund

As a result of earlier cuts in the Park Department's budget, Cale Green Park lost most of its flower beds. The pictures on the right shows what the flower beds used to look like. In fact, the top picture is from the council's leaflet for Cale Green Park. Now, it's virtually all lawn... We managed to salvage the tubs by the band stand [I know, it's not much of a victory], but these need to be planted twice a year.

The Friends of Cale Green Park are raising funds to buy plants for these tubs, and more bulbs for Cale Green Park, Bell’s Paddock and Kevin’s Corner... The Garden of Eden has kindly donated many plants and hyacinth and narcissi bulbs. So the green spaces in these areas should look more colourful than ever in the future.

If you would like to contribute to the Flower Fund, you can leave any cash or plant donations with Rita Thompson at 5 Beech Road.

Favourite Places

Below are links to some of our favourite places

In 2006, Cale Green became a conservation area. Although most of the area concerned is outside the park, you can access the documents associated with the area appraisal at the Stockport Council website. You can also access the Council's description of Cale Green Park.

If any of these links are broken, or you want to suggest another site for us, please email the webmaster [click here]