Friends of Cale Green Park

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Park Tidy Days

Our next Park Tidy Day is scheduled for Saturday, 14 July from 10 am onwards. As always, volunteers are welcome. Bring your secateurs, trowels and gloves! Look out for the orange hi-viz jackets with "Park Volunteer" on the back.

A big thank you to everyone that helped make our event a huge success. Needless to say, the volunteers that helped set up, baked the cakes, grew the plants, manned the stalls, and took everything down at the end deserve our special thanks. But it wouldn't have been a success without all those who attended.

Thank you everyone! See you in December!

Just Giving

As some of you may know, BOTH toilets in Cale Green Park had been vandalized and they were shut for repairs. I can now confirm that both toilets are now back in working order... On top of this, I can also report that the issue of the toilets not being opened daily has been reported and that the problems should now be fixed. All being well, they should be opened and closed during the week [not weekends!!] henceforth.

To help us out, Christopher Jenkins has set up a JustGiving page to raise money to support the toilets in Cale Green Park. The toilets in Cale Green Park are now working, and therefore, any money that this page raises will help to spruce up the toilets. He's already raised over £470, and the average contribution has been around £15. But any donation would be greatly appreciated, so if you can help him in his efforts, we'd be really grateful. Thanks, Chris! To make a contribution, click here

Repairs to the Park

By the end of June, the park has just been through three big upgrades in 2018. First, the bandstand in the park was repaired and restored to its earlier glory. Second, the playground has just had a massive upgrade. Third, the old park keeper's house [Heath House] was demolished and all traces of it have been removed. The area will be landscaped later in the year, and the image below shows what it will look like.

This is what the area around Heath House [the box in dark grey] will look like after the demolition. The hatched area in the middle will become a wild flower meadow, and a new path will be added.

Where is Cale Green Park?

The green area above shows where Cale Green Park is located. One entrance is on Bramhall Lance directly opposite Davenport train station [which is on the Manchester-Buxton line], but the other two entrances are on Heath Road. The park is accessible via the following buses: 309/310 Stockport - Cheadle Heath circulars, 372 Stockport - Woodsmoor - North Park Road, 374 Stockport - New House Farm Estate - Hazel Grove station, 378 Stockport - Bramhall Village - Wilmslow. You can get bus timetables online from here

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Cale Green Clog

Are you looking for Cale Green Clog? Then click here to find out more.