Friends of Cale Green Park

Hi! First off, the website is getting a major overhaul at the moment, so things are a bit chaotic. Over the next couple of days, things will be coming together and you'll notice a big improvement. In the meantime, please bear with us. If you have any comments or want to send us an email, just click here.

Park Tidy Days

Our next Park Tidy Day is scheduled for Saturday, 11 March from 10 am onwards. As always, volunteers are welcome. Bring your secateurs, trowels and gloves! Look out for the orange hi-viz jackets with "Park Volunteer" on the back.

2018 Calendars for Sale

As part of our fundraising efforts, we've printed 50 calendars with pictures of the park. Below is the picture for January. They sold for £10 at the "Christmas in the Park" event, with all profits will go to support the Friends of Cale Green Park. All the pictures were taken in the month they appear. The picture below is the image for January.

If you're interested in a calendar, please contact us at!

Repairs to Cale Green Park

As many of you will know, the playground is having an upgrade at the moment. To read the full details of what's happening, download our PDF description by clicking here. However, there is more going on in the park. Specifically, here's the schedule:

  • Playground. The contractors have most of the equipment and are currently installing it in the playground. The work is expected to take three weeks. Completion will be in early March.
  • Bandstand. The roof on the bandstand has been repaired, and the roof tiles are going on this week. The side elevations need to be repaired and painted.
  • House in the Park. The Council had tried to find a buyer for the house in the park, but no one was interested. In part this was because the house was not viable for any ongoing use. Although it looks fine from the outside, on the inside, the house has everything wrong with it that you can think of - damp, mold, roof leaks, poor wiring, etc. The Council has therefore decided that they will knock the house down and return the area to park land [ie, they will remove everything, including the foundations] . The Friends of Cale Green Park strongly supports that decision... We know some of you are thinking that it's terrible that a house has to be knocked down when there is an obvious housing shortage in England, but we had builders look at the house when it was first closed up and they told us that it would be cheaper to knock the house down and start from scratch than to try and fix it. Since then, the interior state of the house has deteriorated. Demolition work will commence in 2018, and as a result, Cale Green Park will have a bit more land... As a technical aside, the land was given by Henry Bell to Stockport with the understanding that it be preserved as park land, and that no buildings be erected on it. So technically, that house [originally intended as the park keeper's home] should not have been built in the first place!

Where is Cale Green Park?

The green area above shows where Cale Green Park is located. One entrance is on Bramhall Lance directly opposite Davenport train station [which is on the Manchester-Buxton line], but the other two entrances are on Heath Road. The park is accessible via the following buses: 309/310 Stockport - Cheadle Heath circulars, 372 Stockport - Woodsmoor - North Park Road, 374 Stockport - New House Farm Estate - Hazel Grove station, 378 Stockport - Bramhall Village - Wilmslow. You can get bus timetables online from here

Cale Green Clog

Are you looking for Cale Green Clog? Then click here to find out more.