Our Team

We're a passionate group of people from the Church-Wellesley area. Ranging from young to old, we're all trying to make an impact.

Interim Leader: Stas Ukhanov

Stas is an urban enthusiast & public space advocate, currently working at the City of Toronto.

Co-Founder and Graphics Lead: Kimiya Behrouzian

Kimiya Behrouzian – illustrator, animator, urban planner at IBI Group Inc. – she is bound to be the equivalent of wanting to stick your fingers into a live socket. From a young age, Kim realized that she wanted to make a difference in peoples' lives by beautifying their physical surroundings and by designing spaces that bring diverse people together.

A designer at heart, Kim is keenly interested in vector animation. You can check out her work on instagram.

Co-Founder and Tactical Lead: Nikolas Koschany

Nikolas is a data driven urban planner, with three years experience in public, private, and nonprofit planning firms. The Linear Parks are close to his heart, as he walks through them daily on his way to work.

Currently Nikolas is living in Manchester England, but he will be back in Toronto in 2020!

Yoga Instructor: Ranjith Wijewardhana

Ranjith is a certified Kripalu yoga teacher with 2000 hours of teaching under his belt. He competed a 500 hour yoga teacher training course in June 2016, and is also a Reiki and Thai Yoga massage practitioner. He teaches all levels of yoga, from seniors chair yoga, to beginner, intermediate and advanced. Currently, Ranjith teaches yoga at Delmanor Seniors' Communities, the 519 Gay & Lesbian Community Centre and the Thornhill Community Center.

Ranjith joined Friends of the Linear Parks in July 2017, and has led three "Yoga in the Park" sessions over two years. View his website to learn more about him.