Friends of Baldwin at-a-Glance

Friends of Baldwin is a 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer organization that works to strengthen the Maria L. Baldwin school community and support the educational experience of our students.

We raise money to ensure that enrichment activities are available to every student regardless of their financial circumstances. For example, to ensure that every Baldwin student has the opportunity to participate in Baldwin outings, we help subsidize field trips--local and overnight trips--and further "afield"(!) trips such as the annual ski trip to Pat's Peak in NH.

We couldn't do any of these wonderful things without help from our community. There are so many ways to support Friends of Baldwin. One of the easiest ways is via Amazon's charitable contributions program, called Amazon Smile. Please see the next section. To learn more about other ways to support us, please click here.

If you use Amazon, Amazon can donate to Friends of Baldwin

An easy--and highly impactful--way to give to Friends of Baldwin is to shop through Amazon Smile.

Amazon Smile is a charitable contributions program through which Amazon donates a percentage of eligible purchases to Friends of Baldwin.

Amazon Smile IS AN INCREDIBLE FUNDRAISER FOR US. If you already shop on Amazon, using Amazon Smile is a great way for you to contribute to Friends of Baldwin without adding any additional demands to your schedule or time. Amazon Smile is the same Amazon you know: same products, same prices, same service. But by using this link when you shop, you contribute to our school and community. Head there now:

Or learn more; details are on our Support Us page.

Friends of Baldwin Meetings

Friends of Baldwin Meetings for 2019-2020

Every parent of a child at the school is a member and is welcome at any and all meetings. Meetings are typically held once a month from 9:00-10:00 AM in the basement activity room. You can also check the calendar (below and here) for dates.

There are also a handful of evening "Community" meetings that are held usually at the same time as an evening program meant for the kids, like a Movie Night, for example. If you're attending an evening activity with your kid, please stop by to see us at a Community Meeting. All are welcome!

All meetings start at 9 AM except where noted. Please join us if you can and stay as long as you're able.

  • Tuesday, November 12
  • Friday, November 15* at 6:30 PM: *Community Meeting (while kids enjoy Movie Night)
  • Friday, December 13
  • Tuesday, January 14
  • Tuesday, February 11
  • Tuesday, March 10
  • April TBD
  • Friday, May 8
  • Friday, May TBD* at 6:30 PM: *Community Meeting (while kids enjoy Movie Night)
  • Tuesday, June 9* from 9-11 AM.


Friends of the Maria L. Baldwin School

85 Oxford St, Cambridge, MA 02138

(617) 349-6525