Kitchen Stories - Jan. 11

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  • Rating: PG
  • Directed By: Bent Hamer
  • Year: 2003
  • Runtime: 95 minutes

Summary: In the 1950’s the Swedish government became involved in social engineering as a means of improving the lot in life for its citizens. One study was designed to help define the ultra-efficient “standard kitchen” and a team of observers, armed with research charts and tiny caravans in which to live, are sent to a remote part of Norway to expand the study to include elderly bachelors in director Bent Hamer’s “Kitchen Stories".

A film without much dialog and virtually no action, in the traditional sense, should be, by all rights, boring. But, from the start, “Kitchen Stories” captures your attention with its tongue in cheek humor, droll wit and an amazing amount of chemistry between the main characters, Isak and Folke. The rhythm of their day-to-day existence is slow and relaxed and, as the ice breaks between them, a warm, caring friendship builds.

Rotten Tomatoes Review of the film: Director Bent Hamer's comedy drama Salmer Fra Kjøkkenet (Kitchen Stories) is based on the real-life social experiments conducted in Sweden during the 1950s. In the years following WWII, a research institute sets out to modernize the home kitchen by observing a handful of rural Norwegian bachelors. In the small town of Landstad, middle-aged Isak (Joachim Calmeyer) is one such research subject who regrets ever agreeing to participate in the study. Nevertheless, he is observed by Folke (Tomas Norström), and the two develop a strange friendship until the observer becomes sick. This causes a problem with Folke's boss (Reine Brynolfsson) and Isak's friend Grant (Bjørn Floberg).

Quick Quotes

  • Very entertaining and quirky film about a Swede who sits in a high chair and examines the kitchen behaviours of a single Norwegian man..before the survey is ruined by their eventual interaction. Very funny.
  • What you're left with is a relationship between two men that is untouched by macho posturing or any trace of anxiety -- and a perfect respite from the action flick mentality ...
  • A thoroughly charming oddity. And, in the end, a moving one, too
  • One of those rare winning exceptions to the axiom that movies should move, this one shows what advantage can be earned when men of good will sit still together
  • What starts as a satire of the methodical, modernity-seeking society in Sweden ends as a heartwarming dramatic comedy in Norway.