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4th Grade Suggested Reading: It's Perfectly Normal: ... Sex and Sexual Health

by Robie H. Harris

NOTE: since FUSD became aware of this page, they MOVED "It's Perfectly Normal" from the 4th Grade suggested reading list, to the 5th grade suggested reading list. It still remains on the 4th grade reading list for both the Spanish and Mandarin language instructional guides.

4th Grade Suggested Reading: Sex is a Funny Word

by Cory Silverberg

Grade 5, Lesson 1: Male/Female Anatomy Coloring Exercise

Grade 5: Lesson 3: What Is Love Anyway?

Grade 6: Lesson 5 :Communicating About a Sensitive Topic

Grade 6: Lesson 6: Understanding Boundaries

Grade 7: Lesson 4: Protecting Your Health: Understanding and Preventing STIs

Grade 8: Lesson 6: Using Condoms Effectively

Grade 5: Lesson 2: Puberty and Reproduction

Grade 4: Lesson 1: Video: Reproductive System Male, Reproductive System Female