Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) is rolling out a NEW sex ed curriculum this year

Classes are scheduled to start SOON!


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Highlights of the Board vote:

  • On May 2nd, Board voted to offer 3R's in 7th-9th Grade, but NOT in 4th-6th Grade for this school year. On May 23rd they flip-flopped and voted to offer 3R's in 6th Grade this year. There were several violations by FUSD due to this flip-flop and a complaint has been lodged to rectify it.
  • A Sexual Health Education Committee will be established by July 1, 2018 and will present new curriculum recommendations to Board by January, 2019.

FUSD Staff did not present any other curriculum, besides 3R's, for the Board to consider. Supporters of 3R's curriculum threatened to sue the School District if it continued to teach the old curriculum. Due to this, Grades 4 and Grade 5 will not have any Sex Ed classes this year.

CALL FOR ACTION for parents of kids in 6th Grade to 9th Grade:

OPT-OUT NOW of the 3R's curriculum:

Please review the curriculum in detail to understand the contents that your kid will be taught :

  • Objectionable content in 6th Grade is listed here.
  • Age-inappropriate content: Teaching 8th Grade materials to 7th Graders
  • Sex indoctrination video in 7th Grade for teaching pregnancy avoidance (
  • Kid's homework in 8th Grade is to watch X-rated movies and learn/write about use of condoms
  • "Soliciting sex" Role play in class
  • Negligible reference to Abstinence
  • Check out the curriculum section below

Further questions and comments, please reach out to

About the New Curriculum STARTING THIS YEAR:

  • CA Law (AB329) mandates that kids to be taught sex education only ONCE in Middle school and ONCE in High School per Section 51934 (a). However, FUSD has initiated sex education EVERY YEAR from 4th Grade to 9th Grade.
  • Comparison of FUSD sex ed to other districts in the Bay Area. No other district teaches Sex Ed in 4th Grade.
  • Boys and Girls will be taught the SEX EDUCATION in the SAME CLASSROOM
  • New curriculum, named "Rights, Respect, Responsibility" (3Rs), involves EXCESSIVE SEXUAL LANGUAGE and AGE-INAPPROPRIATE content.
  • Parents will NOT receive OPT-OUT letter from the School, like they did in the past. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure they OPT-OUT from this curriculum by providing a written note (e-mail or paper) to the class teacher.

Curriculum Preview

All of this content appears in the FUSD sexuality education source material. Certain sections have been highlighted. FUSD keeps removing/adding content.



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