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Signs You Are Suffering From a Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury can be extremely difficult to overcome. Sometimes, the injured victims become victims for life and are unable to fully recover from their injuries. When someone has suffered a serious brain injury, it is imperative they seek help from a personal injury lawyer at Frekhtman & Associates. Getting help from a lawyer is essential when such a serious injury has occurred.

Important Signs You May Have a Traumatic Brain Injury

Understanding the severity of a brain injury is crucial. There are a few different signs that should alert an individual they have suffered a serious brain injury. If any of the following is noticed, it is imperative the individual seeks immediate medical care.

Blurred vision


Mood changes


Loss of consciousness

Loss of coordination

Pronounced confusion

Slurred speech


Limb weakness

Should a person suffer from any of the above symptoms, it is wise for them to seek immediate medical care. Waiting too long to seek medical care could result in a progression of symptoms and continued brain damage.

Schedule a Consultation Appointment

Those who have been seriously injured have the right to seek legal help for the pursuit of compensation. Brain injury victims need a strong legal advocate working on their behalf. The lawyer takes over all of the steps that are needed for the pursuit. The injured victim is then able to focus on their recovery efforts and working to get back to their normal level of function, if possible.

Unfortunately, some brain injury victims end up being damaged for the rest of their lives. They never fully recover from their injuries and need ongoing medical care. When someone has suffered such a serious injury, it is wise for them to seek advocacy in a personal injury lawyer.

If you are the victim of a traumatic brain injury and would like legal help, contact the law office of Frekhtman & Associates. They fight for injured victims' rights and work to help them obtain a fair outcome for their injuries and damages. Call them today to get started on scheduling your consultation appointment so they can help you every step of the way.