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Personal Injury Lawyers Assist After Accidents Caused by Overloaded or Improperly Loaded Trucks

Trucks that are overloaded or do not have a load secured properly can become lethal to other drivers when out on the highway. Anyone who has been injured in an accident because of these circumstances should promptly consult with a lawyer at a firm like Frekhtman & Associates.

Sometimes overloading is done deliberately when the driver or the company owner knows the load can be transported without having to stop at a Department of Transportation weigh station. In other cases, an inexperienced driver makes an error in judgment that leads to a dangerous incident.


Overloading and improperly secured loads tend to go hand in hand, as it is difficult to manage the weight and bulk. A cargo trailer is at risk of tipping over under these conditions when the driver makes a tight turn or rounds a curve. The truck also might jackknife. Objects on a flatbed trailer may come loose and fall into the road or strike other vehicles. Too much weight can cause truck tires to blow out, leaving big pieces of rubber debris on the pavement.

Weight and Distribution

By law, a truck, trailer and cargo can only weigh a maximum of 80,000 lbs. The weight is required to be distributed over the axles according to a specific formula. If the load is too heavy on one of the axles, it can become unbalanced, which is a risk factor for trailer rollover.

These problems are discovered at private weigh stations or DOT stations. Uneven distribution can often be fixed, but a driver with a load heavier than the maximum allowed will not be allowed to leave a DOT station. If the problem is discovered at a private station, the driver is expected to turn around and go back to the origin of the load.

Financial Compensation

A law firm such as Frekhtman & Associates helps plaintiffs who were injured in accidents caused by overloaded or improperly loaded trucks. These incidents can cause serious harm. Financial compensation from the trucking company's insurer should cover all related medical expenses, property damage and lost wages. The lawyers may also include a demand for compensation for pain and suffering, as well as for psychological trauma.