Free dictionaries


Free dictionaries for programmers developing programs for learning foreign languages.

Text files contain English words and translation into five languages - Russian, German, Czech, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

Each word and translation are placed on separate lines. The lines use a standard separator - a comma.

In each file, the last two lines contain service information - the order of use of languages and the address of the author’s site.

Wiki dictionaries

There is a special Wiki resource that contains copies of dictionaries for free use.

dictionary_A.txt dictionary_A.txt

dictionary_B.txt dictionary_B.txt

dictionary_C.txt dictionary_C.txt

dictionary_D.txt dictionary_D.txt

dictionary_E.txt dictionary_E.txt

dictionary_F.txt dictionary_F.txt

dictionary_Gtxt dictionary_G.txt







Direct links to download free dictionaries

On the Wiki dictionary, you can add your own variants of sets of foreign words.

Free dictionaries can be used in any programs. If you are creating your own version of the dictionary using these free dictionaries, post them for free download.

As soon as we create the next dictionary, it will be added for free download.

It is allowed to use dictionaries in their programs (in free and paid programs), post on web sites, blogs, forums, create advanced versions of dictionaries.

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