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A ton of people these days are looking for free websites and apps for sexting. And why not - free sexting is the best! Without wasting any of your time here is the current best place to send and receive free adult text messages. All you need to do is sign up, verify your account via email and get right to it! No tricks no gimmicks!

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How to join and take full advantage of the website

This is as easy and 1-2-3, anyone with basic computer skill can and will do it in under a minute. Important note first - all members MUST be at least 18 or older, no exceptions! Sexting is a pleasurable thing but we all must obey the rules. So if you are not at least 18 don't even try, this not for you, yet. So if you got that covered here is exactly how to join and start sending and receiving free nudes from hot babes from around the World

  1. Click on the link above or on this link here

  2. There is a very short and straight-forward questions list that all new members are required to pass. Don't worry , it's nothing hard - just pick what types of girls or guys you are looking for to exchange sexts with. Pretty much questions like if prefer girls with big or small boobs, white, Asian or Latinas, younger or MILFs and etc.

  3. Create an account with your best email. Having a working email is pretty much the only requirement to join. No need to put your credit card, PayPal or whatever - remember this FREE site for sexting so no payment info is necessary. Now go to your email and click on the activation/verification link and that's it - you are all set to start sexting for 100% free!

What is Sexting

Now most guys know what the hell sexting is... But to clarify for the total newbies - sexting is the wonderful process of sending and receiving text messages that are NSFW/adult in nature. Tis include but are not limited to:

  • Sending or getting dick pics

  • Exchanging boob pics or even pu$$y picks

  • Exchanging texts with sexually suggestive content

  • Pretty much anything you can think of that gets you and your sexting partner off

Types of Sexting

There are generally just 2 types - sexting with a person who you know in real life and sexting with total strangers. Both are hot AF and both can be done by anybody (18 or older, remember the rule!). If you already have a girl's number - well you lucky bastard it is time to give it shot. Start slow, test the waters as they say and see if she is into in. If yes - jackpot!

Here on this page we talk about and emphasize on the other type - sexts with strangers. The concept is simple -you find like-minded girls or guys and ask for nudes. That's it, that's all it and since this site is full with these horny babes you will receive some NSFW material in n time:)

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Sexting Basics

So you have got her number. That was the hard part; now don’t blow it. Sending that initial flirtatious text can be one of the most nerve-wracking moments ever. What if the reply is unenthused or there’s not one at all? The shame. But is it? It’s your clue that she’s not interested and to stop before you embarrass yourself. Don’t sext before you’ve tested the waters either or you’ll be left with a text recipient who’s showing her friends your desperate attempts while you contemplate the next one. Start out romantic then build it up. Don’t send a pic of your hard goods the first time.

Free Sexting
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