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Before you jump to the tarot reading no payment and no cost service them I recommend to read this article to get a full idea of the topic,

Free Love Psychic Reading Online no fee

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Best Psychic Networks Online Reviews

These are the reviews of the most trusted psychic networks available online for psychic medium reading:

Click for Best Free Psychic Network and Chat (up to 10 minutes without cost)

Definition of Love Psychic Reading

The psychic reading allows us to channel the soul of a person in order to obtain a deep communication with those spiritual beings. That increase their levels of consciousness and that provides the necessary keys to continue with their personal evolution. Characteristics such as authenticity, truthfulness and essence are fundamental aspects of the inner being that this ability can help express. In the same way, this gives you both an explanation about your present and beneficial instructions for your future, allowing you to identify the source of your problems and helping you to overcome your fears your wishes, decisions and motivations.

The reality in which we live is built on the basis of our beliefs and the way in which we perceive the world. So that by changing them we transform our reality.

During my years of study in which I learned the art of esotericism by many renowned masters and mystics like the Canadian hypnotherapist David Watson, I got the experience that, as a clairvoyant that I am today, allows me to have contact with those entities that they will guide you throughout your life, being able to give you advice on certain aspects of your life in this way so that you can take it at your own pace.

Free Psychic Questions

Although I can not tell you what to ask, I recommend that when you attend the chat or session you have in mind some questions that you have previously prepared. That is because the clearer and more precise they are, the more accurate the answer will be from the free psychic medium.

The nature of the questions can be varied:

  • Personal - Any problem related to your interpersonal relationships. Example: frequent discussions with the couple, children, family or friends.
  • Health - Any question regarding a health problem. Example: neck pain, back pain or chronic inflammation.
  • Economic - Any problem that has to do with money Example: people, situations or things that prevent you from making money or keep it, even hinder your movement.
  • Labor - Any doubt or problem concerning your professional development. Example: Difficulty to get a promotion, a better job or discontent with your work situation.
  • Spiritual - Any type of question or doubts you have regarding your path or mission of life. Example: know the identity and nature of those who will guide you to move forward in your life.

Psychic reading refers to the mysterious and amazing prediction regarding the future or destiny of an individual. The person carrying out the reading in the free psychic chat or phone is called the reader or medium. The reader relies on the supernatural or spirit world, which is possible due to his or her extreme sensitivity to that extraterrestrial domain.

The things revealed by a reader may be opposite to logic, but they are as true as the word goes, especially if you are dealing with a reliable reader that produces top quality clairvoyant service. Some are of the opinion that all humans are born with this mediumship ability, but many of us fail to develop this ability or trust in our intuitions.

Readers are those individuals that have attempted to defy the odds and overcome the distractions that lie all around to trust and develop their intuition, thereby giving them the ability to visualize and reason beyond the limitations imposed by the activities of the terrestrial world.

If you have not been able to conquer your terrestrial limitations but needs to have an insight into the future, you can get in touch with those individuals that have succeeded where you have failed, and they can be of help. You can even get their services at no cost if you know where to search. We will enlighten you about that in a short while.

Readers have given themselves to guidance, patience and practice, making them able to have an insight into the world of the extraterrestrial. The psychic would link with your spirit and mind to communicate the message from the supernatural to you. The communication established among the expert, your mind and the spirit world ensures that you can get great messages from the other world and also look into your future.

Aside from looking into the future, he can equally learn a lot about your past and explain certain things to you that you never knew about your past. A reader can help to access and reveal a lot of truth about you and may also tell you certain things about your loved ones.

Another name for a psychic reading is intuitive counselling. During the session, the reader would gain access into the supernatural. A true reader can help bring a solution to complicated situations. It resonates with the truth and can tune with reality while helping you to connect more strongly to life than ever. At the end of it, you should have been enlightened, encouraged and have a sense of self-actualization.

Types of Psychic Readings Online

There are many classes of psychic readings today, but we will only focus on the three main types. We will equally explain the differences between the three types. You will also learn about which particular type to consider when looking for clairvoyant online services

The three types are highlighted below:

  • Intuitive/psychic reading
  • Akashic records reading
  • Mediumship reading

A brief explanation of the various types will be given below:


A reader can also be a tarot card or an intuitive reader. This type can be consulted for the following purposes:

  • Business or career
  • Love
  • Family dynamics

The intuitive reader can sense things about you by using their intuition, by sensing things present in your energy field or by telepathy from your spirit guides.

Tarot is yet another form as indicated earlier. Another name for a tarot is angel card reading. The tarot reader interprets the tarot card already selected using intuition and others to interpret the symbolic meaning of the cards.

Akashic records

This is the best form of psychic reading to give you clarity and deep meaning to issues of your life; in most instances, those offering this type do not provide a quick prediction or answer. This type is the favourite for many.

In the course of this type , the reader sees things from the perspective of your soul. They will equally check. The Akashic Record is referred to as the vibrational record of the soul. At times, it is called the Bluetooth of the soul since it sees things from an eye-opening perspective.

You can ask this type of reader any question, including the types of questions you will ask during a tarot session or an intuitive reader. You can ask them about your relationship or even your business. Some are of the opinion that intuitive only scratches the surface, whereas Akashic Record goes a lot deeper beyond the surface.


If you have lost a loved one and desire to reconnect with them, then mediumship reading is the perfect form to consider. They are the best to consult if you are missing that late loved one.

The medium can connect supernaturally to the spirit world and link up with the energy of the late loved ones so that they can bring you messages from the land of the dead. You will end up with a comforting and healing experience.

Some of the mediums can even deliver the desired service via a phone call. The medium will reveal certain things about your loved ones to you, as their characters. The medium will equally tell you how they pass away, what they look like and several other things to assure you that they are reliable.

Furthermore, the medium will tell you messages that your loved ones may want to tell you.

All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. Make sure that the one you are consulting can deliver the desired service.

Benefits of a tarot Love psychic Reading Online

Clairvoyant reading online is highly beneficial; things even get better when you get the service for free. You do not have to pay to get a top quality service.

If you search properly, you can get the service of a live psychic for free and still get top quality. Before we talk about how to get services, let us mention few of the benefits.

A good understanding of every phase of life, including the past, present and the future

A psychic reader can tell you about your past, present and future. As a result, you can understand some of the issues that had given you sleepless nights in the past and also get an insight into what you should do about a current situation. Furthermore, the reader can enlighten you about what the future will look like. Knowing things like this can give you peace of mind and confidence to make very important futuristic decisions.

Opportunity to contact loved ones that have passed away

Psychics can serve as mediums, as hinted above. They can connect with your loved ones that have passed away and deliver messages from them to you.

Also, the medium can get a message from your guardian angel and deliver the same to you. The loved ones can tell you about what caused their death and even deliver touching messages that may help your life one way or the other.

Hearing great possibilities that you have never considered or imagined

The confusion, the hustle and bustle that surrounds the human life can prevent us from seeing certain possibilities. We may never be able to see clearly when we are undergoing adversities since the worries can prevent us from seeing clearly. At such times, one can find help from a psychic.

For one, it is a neutral individual can, therefore, see clearly. The ability of the person can equally widen his horizon and help him to see more than your current troubles are permitting you from seeing. As a result, you can find a way out of your current trouble and make the right decisions.

Access to validation and confirmation

A reader can give you validation and confirmation about certain issues in life. After making decisions about certain issues in your life, the reader can assure you if that decision is the right one or not.

Such validation ensures that you will never make the wrong decisions in life. If you are about to take action but you aren't sure if the action is in line with the purpose of your life, you can always consult for direction and validation.

Where to get free tarot love psychic reading online no fee

It is not easy to get a reliable medium reader that is ready to offer his services for free. However, you can still get a top quality service if you search the right places. Some of the places where you can get it are discussed in the next section of this write-up

Consult your friends

You can get a free service if your friend or family member is a psychic. In most instances, a friend or family member will be willing to offer his or her professional services with years experience and with no fee, especially when he sees you in dire need of such a service. There is a great assurance that the service provider will not give you a poor service since you are family or friend.

Check directory

Another place to check is an online psychic reading directory. Many of those offering a service on the directory usually charge a fee, but you can still get some that are willing to give you a free service as a means of attracting clients.

Some of those offering free services among them may give you aces to their top quality services for an entire season. Some other readers on the directory may offer you services at no cost for some minutes, and you will be required to pay for the remaining minutes of the session.

At times, you may submit your questions to no particular reader, and several readers will contribute answers to the question. As a result, you can get various answers from different perspectives.

Online forum

The online psychic reading forum is yet another place to check for free readings. Many readers are registered on these forums, and some of them may be willing to give you their services to test. For example email reading is very popular.

However, you need to be discreet with the way you ask them for a service so that you can get the desired quality.

Do not be compulsive or have any sense of entitlement when asking them questions about important issues in your life; always bear in mind that they are doing you a special favor forever offering you their services for free.

If you show discretion and courtesy in the way you relate with them. They may be willing to answer some of your very important questions for free.

Online Chat to ask one question

There are some chats you can go that gives free minutes no fee no credit card. You can get questions about past lives or love life answered through tarot spread.

Go to them directly

Instead of going through a directory or an online forum, you can equally get a free reading service online. You can go directly from the website of the intuitive reader. Some of the professionals do offer discounted services.

But some other ones may be willing to give you the first 5 to 10 minutes for free. After which you will be required to pay for the remaining minutes that you spend at the session.

Even if the service provider does not offer a free service, you can still get their services at a highly affordable rate. Some may insist on payment before service, but their cost can be low. As a result, you can contact affordable service providers if you cannot find an outlet offering a free service online.


Certain situations in life may warrant the need for a psychic. Many outlets claim to offer the best services, but not all of them can be trusted. You should, therefore, properly investigate that reader before partnering with the service provider online. The benefits of top quality psychic reading cannot be overemphasized.

Things even get better if you can get such a top quality service at a highly affordable price. Or even a free tarot reading 100% free at no charge and no cost. The tips provided above can guide you on how to benefit from the service of an experienced professional for free.