Freedom Forever!

PMO Hacknotes for those still slipping up:

This a rewrite / summary / notes of "Smart Phone, Dumb Phone" by Allen Carr and John Dicey, adapted specifically for pornography addiction.

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The Easyway to Quit Porn:

Easy and Painless, No Willpower, No Cold Showers, etc

Enjoy Quitting!

  • Addiction is fueled by frustration. Frustration is one of the reasons why we keep coming back, surprisingly.

  • You’re not fitting into the world by using, but rather you’re going into your own horrible isolated world of unrealistic fantasy.

  • Internet porn addiction is in its infancy, and it takes scientists and doctors a while to actually realize certain things to be problems and label them as such (same thing with smoking many years ago). This explains why many people don't accept it as an addiction despite the fact that it obviously is. There was a time where everyone thought smoking wasn't dangerous or that addictive. It's the same situation here with porn.

  • When enjoying something - you don’t go through the process of consuming it quickly just to have another and another. If PMO were enjoyable, you’d be satisfied with one video (as, if you think about it, all videos are really the same). If it were enjoyable you wouldn’t be in a frantic search for other videos, quickly going from one video to the next. That is not savoring it at all.

  • The porn industry engineers their websites to make porn even more addictive with personalization and recommended videos and certain forms of gamification.

  • Not all NoFap or willpower groups have bad intentions of preventing people from quitting and encouraging bad methods. They are brainwashed just like their members - to believe it’s hard to quit. Sure, some NoFap groups (like the subreddit) deliberately filter out mentions of Easyway and Easypeasy, but besides them, most other willpower communities are just as brainwashed as porn users are.

  • Something that makes you miserable cannot give you pleasure. Thus, porn cannot be enjoyable.

  • Courage is not the absence of fear; it’s the strength to act in spite of the fear. Denying the fear makes the fear go down to the surface where you cannot challenge it because you can’t see it. You must bring the fear up to the surface (by recognizing it exists), and then challenge and destroy the fear of quitting - with simple logic. You don’t need to be brave or try hard to defeat fear; just use logic.

  • Remember: Fear, along with doubt and moping - is the reason why people using the willpower method fail.

  • We fear dangers that are facing us, and dangers which have a chance of facing us. For the former would be if we’re running from a dangerous person. The latter for example would be if we’re worrying about losing our jobs. The thing is as follows: quitting isn’t putting you in danger at all. Quitting won't put you in danger now, and it won't put you in danger later. We only fear things intellectually or instinctively when something can put us in danger, but we’re in no danger at all when quitting. We are however in danger when we are using porn. Thus, there is absolutely no reason to fear quitting, as there is no way that quitting can harm us. PLUS with this method, there is no discomfort either, so fearing quitting is completely illogical. Thus, if you have fear of quitting, just challenge the fear with the simple logic that it doesn't make sense to be afraid of it.

  • Even if you lie to yourself and say that internet porn is enjoyable, people have lived without it for thousands of years. How can not using it put fear into you, or make you feel like you’re getting deprived of something you need, when in fact for thousands of years people have lived without it even better than you’re living now?

  • Fear is the basis of addiction.

  • The more willpower someone has, the harder it is to get free. After all, it takes willpower to do something so stupid and harmful especially after knowing the bad effects. And also, someone with willpower will be stubborn and not accept they’re doing it the wrong way. Thus they won't recognize that willpower is wrong and easyway is right.

  • Remember: Desensitization, hyperfrontality, and sexual dysfunction are all great reasons to quit porn. However, don't fear these once you quit! Luckily, when you quit PMOing your brain heals from the damage! Fearing health problems also just makes it harder to quit porn, so don't fear them, as once you quit, desensitization, hyperfrontality, and sexual dysfunction will no longer be a problem.

  • There’s fear of failure which prevents people from trying to quit - so people fail (by PMOing whenever they get an urge) without trying because they're afraid of failing (which is obviously stupid and so illogical), but then there’s also fear of success: fearing that life without their crutch will be pointless and dull. Thing is that life outside this prison is so much better. This prison is no security. Look forward to success and freedom with excitement.

  • The panic of not PMOing is caused by PMOing. One of the greatest things about freedom is that you don’t have that panic anymore.

  • You are trading lack of control with total control by quitting your porn addiction.

  • PMO being your friend is an illusion. It’s really your worst WORST enemy.

  • The small boost you get from PMOing is a mere taste of what it feels like to be completely free of PMO. Freedom won’t just be a relief, but genuine pleasure and happiness.

  • When in doubt, think of all the great things that quitting brings. Certainly more time and better health are big advantages.

  • Never doubt your decision to quit EVER!

  • You need willpower to go through pain and hardship. However, you don’t need to go through pain and hardship when it comes to addiction, since with easyway you remove any pain and hardship, thus making willpower counterproductive and useless.

  • Quitting only involves pain when you believe you’re making a sacrifice. Hint: You're not.

  • The simplest of tasks can be made difficult when done with the wrong method.

  • Willpower hooks you more, not less.

  • You only need willpower when there’s a tug of war between two different wills. We will make it that there is only one side of this war, making it that PMO is no longer considered “pleasurable”

  • The reason you can’t really name that many PMOers is because PMOers go to great lengths to hide their addictions.

  • Ignore the advice of anyone using willpower method.

  • The only reason you fail is because you’re not using the right method.

  • Addiction is not the fault of the addict. It’s the fault of the addictive substance and society.

  • The addictive personality thing is a stupid excuse for saying that quitting is hard. Thinking that it's a disease is also a stupid excuse.

  • Addicts like being close by to other addicts since other addicts won’t judge or challenge your bad behavior.

  • When you see through an illusion, you can’t be fooled again. You're about to see through the illusion that porn is enjoyable, and afterwards, it'll basically be impossible to ever watch it again!

  • Knowing that something is bad for you only make it harder to quit.

  • When your brain feels fried and you’re in physical pain from things like chafing, do you stop PMOing? No, you don’t. Even when you don’t feel pleasure, the brainwashing still exists that porn is pleasurable.

  • What drives people to PMO? Boredom (What else is there to do? It’ll get rid of my boredom), Sorrow (I’m sure some porn will cheer me up), Stress (It’ll help me forget about my worries), Routine (It’s just what I do everyday), Reward (I deserve it since I’ve been working hard and I need a boost), and Opportunity (I’m alone so I can do it now, or any form of opportunity. Opportunity is the biggest killer)

  • Say you have a really fun hobby that gives you pleasure, like tennis. If you really enjoyed it, why would you wait until you’re bored, sad, stressed, want a reward, have an opportunity, etc? Wouldn’t you break your routine if you could have the pleasure of doing something you enjoy? You would do it every day if you could; not just in response to negative emotions and states of mind.

  • The little monster is created the first time you use. It starts complaining, and it’s complaining and pangs are so slight and almost imperceptible, but it can be dangerous, since this complaining awakes the big monster - brainwashing. The big monster interprets the little monster’s complaining into words like “I want to PMO now” or “Gosh, I’m horny. Some porn would help.” You then end up satisfying the craving by doing the thing that causes the craving in the first place. The little monster is physical withdrawal (which is so slight and unrecognizable) and the big monster is simply mental.

  • Porn doesn’t take away your problems. It just adds to them. It doesn’t help us de-stress at all.

  • Satisfaction is the feeling that tells us when to stop. With porn you are NEVER satisfied. We hope that we get satisfaction from the act, but it’s designed that way. You hope for satisfaction, but you never get it so it seems hard to stop. A lack of satisfaction leads to frustration.

  • Porn progressively makes the void bigger, thus making it that you need more and more to fill the void. The way to close up the void is by stopping your porn use entirely.

  • You only lack control because you aren’t taking control. It has nothing to do with willpower. You haven’t been making your own choices. Up until now the porn industry has been making the decision for you. Your use has nothing to do with weakness, your character, or anything special about porn.

  • Willpower method is like pulling on a pushable door. While it may budge a bit, it seems so hard to open it up, almost impossible. Easyway is like pushing on a door that opens when pushed instead of pulling on it. It’s not hard to quit addiction if you quit it with the right method, but it’s impossible to quit when you quit with the wrong method. While for the first few days your willpower is high when using the willpower method, it very quickly gets used up unnecessarily.

  • Addiction is not a pursuit for pleasure or happiness; it’s an attempt to escape unhappiness or discomfort. Then when you come back to the real world, your problems are not only still there, but they’re even worse than before. How does watching porn have anything to do with any of your problems (besides being one of them)? How does it make sense that it can remove anything? You have ups and downs in life. Everyone does. Just accept that, and if you mope for PMO in these situations, just know that it’s an illusion and makes things worse. Porn addictions simply makes it harder to deal with stressful situations

  • Anticipate future stresses, know that the stress is not as a result of quitting, and using will only make the stresses worse. Say “Sure, this is tough, but at least I don’t have the added problem of watching porn as well.” You’ll see that stressful situations actually become less severe after quitting porn. Also, being free enhances all the good times. Quitting makes the ups even better and the downs not as bad.

  • Easyway is designed to give you certainty. Be absolutely certain that you’ll never use or get hooked again. It isn’t enough to just try or hope. KNOW.

  • If you have trouble remembering that you’re free and you just PMO instinctively, set your screensaver on your phone or computer to just an image with a big “!” or “?” as a caution for what lies ahead. You can change the screensaver back to whatever you want after you start remembering that you’re free.

  • Obviously delete porn from your history, bookmarks, and anywhere else you saved it. If porn sites or apps send you notifications make sure to disable that as well. This is not because you “may fail”, but rather it’s just being smart. You’ll end up seeing porn on accident if you don’t take at least some precaution, and you don’t want to see porn again ever (just like I would never want to accidentally inject some heroine into my veins).

  • Tip: Observe “Happy Hour”, as in, stop using devices which emit blue light from an hour before you go to sleep. This will just make you happier and have a better sleep schedule, but it doesn’t have much to do with quitting PMO.

  • Pat yourself on the back for accomplishing freedom and remind yourself how great you’ll free when you’re free. Feel excited!

  • If you still have fear, then we have to now get rid of fear of success.

  • Fear of life outside of jail can keep a prisoner trapped forever. They feel secure because it’s familiar, even though it’s grim and bad inside, since the outside is alien and riddled with uncertainty. When it comes to escaping porn addiction, fear of success is caused by illusion.

  • You can either choose to be a slave to porn, living a miserable life. Or you can choose freedom.

  • Some fears are instinctive, like fear of heights, fire, or the sea, but it makes no sense logically why you’d be afraid of quitting porn. Simply, the fear of quitting porn is created by using porn in the first place. You have nothing to fear!

  • Once you get out of this “pit”, you’ll be surprised how easy it was to kick the addiction, realizing how there really wasn’t any pit at all.

  • Suppose you still have fear that you may be in a situation where you’re weak and you for some reason use porn. No matter how unlikely it is for a meteorite to hit you, no one says it’s impossible. However, the difference between the meteorite and porn addiction, is that if a meteor is going to hit you, you can’t do anything about it. When it comes to porn, in reality, absolutely nothing can make you watch porn except for yourself. But why would you want to?


  • If you want to quit porn now more than ever but you still feel some nervousness, have no fear. That nervousness is actually really excitement of knowing that you’re doing something amazing.

  • Three things that you MUST remember:

  1. PORN DOES NOTHING FOR YOU. If you accept this you will NEVER get any feelings of deprivation.

  2. THERE IS NO NEED FOR ANY WITHDRAWAL PERIOD. The moment you stop using, you are free. There is no need to wait for anything when you’re using the Easyway method.

  3. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS JUST ONE PEEK OR A NO BIG DEAL SESSION. If you’re tempted back it means you never saw through the illusions. Escape means seeing through the illusions and removing all temptation. When you achieve that, you’ll have no desire to watch porn ever again.

  • It’s so sad and pitiful how anyone can regard something that is making them miserable as their friend. When addicts quit with the willpower method they feel as though they’re losing a friend, and so they mope and grieve for a long time. However, when your mortal enemy dies, there is no need to grieve or be sad. On the contrary, you should rejoice that such a person is no longer terrorizing you, and you can rejoice and be happy about this for the rest of your life!

  • Porn is not your friend and NEVER was. You’re sacrificing nothing by getting rid of it. In fact, instead, you’re getting marvelous gains!

  • Whenever porn enters your mind, feel elated, as if a heavy weight was lifted off of you.

  • Don’t try not to think about it. Trying not to think about something is a sure way of becoming obsessed with it. If you’re told not to think about elephants what’s the first thing you think about? You see?

  • Enjoy thinking about your old enemy and rejoice that it no longer plagues your life.

  • Now when you get the voice in your head of the little monster complaining, look at this complaining as the little monster actually and actively dying. Think to yourself “I’m so glad I’m free and I no longer have to suffer like a porn addict has to.” There is no longer any fear, doubt, or moping in you when the little monster is crying and dying.

  • The withdrawal pangs will cease to exist, rather becoming “withdrawal feelings”. And these withdrawal feelings will become great moments of pleasure.

  • Don’t be surprised, upset, or overcome with doubt if you forget for a second that you quit. This is normal since you’ve watched porn so much in the past and taken up so much time with it, and it makes perfect sense why you would forget for a second. This doesn’t mean you miss porn. Don’t worry about that. You won’t fail. If you had a parking space for years, and you suddenly moved parking spaces because the current space was bad, and then as you were driving, for a second you thought about going to the old space (since you forgot that there’s a new better one), would you feel that you miss the old bad space? No, you wouldn’t. Take these moments of temporary forgetting as pleasure, reminding yourself how lucky you are to be alive, free from porn.

  • If you momentarily forget that you don’t watch porn, that’s actually a good sign (provided you don’t then watch porn), since it shows that you’re going back to normal life.

  • If you get a trigger, just think about the parking space analogy, and think about how there’s no deprivation. Getting triggered doesn’t mean anything, except as a reminder of how much better your life is without being stuck in the porn trap. Expect these moments to happen, and you won’t ever be caught off guard. Know you made the right decision and nobody will ever be able to make you doubt it. That way, instead of these moments being your downfall, they just give you strength and lots of pleasure, reminding you how wonderful it is to be FREE AT LAST.

  • Take pride in this achievement, for there isn’t an addict in the world that doesn’t want to be like you, deep down inside.

  • You’ll have more time to do things you love now. When you were in the trap, you lost sight of genuine pleasures you had, but now you will get those pleasures back again, once and forever.

  • Everyone calls it a “fix”. When you fix a broken vessel, you're not fully restoring it to it’s former greatness. So too, when you get your “fix” with porn, you are far worse than before you started. In reality porn was the thing that made you broken in the first place and makes you need a fix for the thing the fix caused in the first place. Luckily, you can be fully restored to your former greatness just by quitting porn.

  • You’re about to walk out of a prison cell.


E- ESCAPE. It’s easy to escape. There is zero sacrifice. You’re just choosing to have a better life, so don’t fear.

A- ADDICTION. Acknowledge you have been addicted and stop blaming yourself. You break the cycle of need, withdrawal, and fix simply by removing brainwashing and seeing through the illusions.

S- SACRIFICE. There is no sacrifice. Know that porn does absolutely nothing for you. The only thing that’s dying is the big monster and little monster; the two things that have been enslaving you.

Y- YOU. There is nothing wrong with you. You don’t become addicted because of your personality. You become addicted because of the substance and society. You are your own jailer and you have the power to free yourself.

W- WILLPOWER AND WITHDRAWAL. Relying on willpower makes everything harder. Willpower hurts you. Willpower is only when you have a clash of wills; when one side of you wants it and one doesn’t, but in truth, no side of you wants it. When you quit with Easyway, there are no withdrawal pangs. You become free the moment you change your mindset and remove any desire for the fix.

A- ACTION. Don’t wait for a miracle. It’s time to act now. Follow the instructions and you cannot fail to be free. Keep an open mind, and allow logic and common sense in, to replace illusion, and you will NEVER WATCH PORN AGAIN.

Y- YES! Enjoy the thrill of being free. NEVER doubt your decision. You are NOT being deprived or losing a friend. You are DESTROYING a mortal enemy and getting your LIFE back.

  • Any resistance is caused by the brainwashing. Get rid of the brainwashing and the resistance is gone.

  • There are two specific days people tend to get triggered: 1) Traumatic or scary days, 2) Special days (like your birthday or a holiday). Let’s call these days “meaningless days” since they have absolutely no connection to porn use at all. These days also tend to be the days people “quit on”. People usually push off quitting from today to a day more significant and more special, but this is stupid and detrimental. With easyway, it doesn’t matter when you quit. It doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday or work or stress or relaxation, but you really should quit right now. If it’s a stressful time, that’s even better since you’ll prove to yourself that even at times when you thought you’d feared and needed another fix, you actually didn’t need one. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what today is. Just STOP waiting. Quit now. If you keep pushing off till the “right time” comes along you’ll never quit, because that right time will never come.

  • Now, focus on everything you have to gain from quitting: Freedom from slavery, no more scary health stuff, more time, no more feeling manipulated and trapped by the porn industry as if you’re a lab rat, no more closing yourself off to people, no more destroying your confidence and social skills, no more compulsive peeks, no more frustration. In place of all this slavery - look forward to living in the light, happy without any of these problems. Joy from connecting with people, joy from not seeing females as objects, joy from being able to have a normal social life and a normal sex life, and the list goes on and on, endlessly.

  • Whether or not you have a moment of revelation (where you see how porn is so easy to quit and how it gives you nothing) now or later, it doesn’t matter. For most people it takes a few weeks, but don’t worry about it. You’re free right now and absolutely ready to quit forever!

  • Unsubscribe from any porn email feeds, and if you can, delete all porn accounts and things like that. You’re ready to move on from that crap.

  • Don’t ever use a substitute for porn. This applies to soft core porn or masturbating to any type of images, videos, or even fantasies in your mind. This will just lead you back into the trap. It’s also a smart idea to not masturbate for three weeks after watching porn, and an even smarter idea to just either limit MOing so much to the point where it’s done very rarely, or just cut it out all together. However, don’t cut out sex.

  • Remember: Know that porn is anti-sexual. It takes everything beautiful about sex and destroys it. PMOing doesn’t bring sexual relief at all, but rather sexual frustration. Erections is because your body wants sex; NOT porn.

  • Remember: Porn hijacks your natural reward and reproductive systems. If you’re having sex it makes no sense to have it with your screen.

  • Tip: Don’t stick around bad influences. If a “friend” will show you porn or think you’re weird for quitting, reconsider who you hang out with. However, all because a friend watches porn doesn’t mean you should stop being friends with them. Only keep your distance if they try to get you back into the trap. If you have a friend that you want to help, don’t put fear into them by saying how bad the porn trap is. Rather, tell them how great you feel now that you’re free and out of the slavery. Tell them about, but don’t force them or pressure them to read it. If you want to quit they will read it. If they don’t want to quit there’s not much you can do about that.

  • FINALLY, the “Ritual”:

  1. Remind yourself that porn gives you no genuine pleasure or comfort

  2. Know that porn doesn’t relieve stress, anxiety, or isolation; it causes it.

  3. Remember: The only reason you ever thought it relieved stress, anxiety, isolation or brought you pleasure is because you were brainwashed.

  4. Now close your eyes, and make a solemn vow to NEVER WATCH PORN AGAIN. Be certain about the decision, and embrace it with a sense of accomplishment and triumph.

  5. After you’re finished with this ritual you can call yourself a happy non-user, because that’s exactly what you are. Recovery is not a gradual process; it’s a moment in time. It’s one decision, and then BOOM: You’re free.

  6. Keep in mind that doubt and uncertainty is what makes it hard to “survive” withdrawal pangs.

  7. Think about any “positive emotions” porn has made you feel. Now tell yourself that those emotions were PHONEY! Disown these phoney emotions.

  8. If you have a few butterflies in your stomach, don’t worry. That’s no threat to your success. Your nervousness will quickly transform into excitement after you see how everything this method promises is true.

  9. Enjoy your victory. Wake up in the morning and say “It’s great to be free!”. This is one of the greatest achievements of your life!

  10. Finally, write down how porn has hurt you and dragged you down, right now. My list would be: So much guilt, health scares (like with sexual dysfunction), porn induced fantasies (which I would mentally project on women), and feeling like worthless garbage every time I had a session. I felt like I was a lost cause, like I was destined to live a life full of watching sick and disgusting pixels on a screen of two dimensional naked people with unrealistic bodies saying and doing awful things. Well, guess what, lovely human being? YOU’RE FREE! YOU’RE A NON-USER! Now, the only thing is: Enjoying Life free from Porn Addiction.

  • For a few days after you’ve quit, you may hear the little monster going through it’s “death throes”. There is no need to fear this feeling, but don’t try to ignore it either. Now that you’re aware of what it is, congratulate yourself on taking control and enjoy feeling the little monster die. Addicts make a big deal about these “withdrawal pangs”, and since they’re using the willpower methods, the little monster’s complaining turns into thoughts in their head such as “I want a session now”. This triggers a mental struggle which causes the willpower users to have such a hard time “surviving the pangs”. EASYWAY REMOVES THIS MENTAL STRUGGLE, SHOWING YOU THAT IT ONLY EXISTS WHEN YOU HAVE BRAINWASHING AND FEAR AND DOUBT. WITHOUT THE MENTAL STRUGGLE, THE WITHDRAWAL PANGS ARE NO PROBLEM AT ALL.

  • If you feel one of these slight death throes / withdrawal pangs, and you feel some fear, envision the little monster searching around the desert for food and you having control of the supply. All you have to do is keep the supply line closed, and it’s as simple as that.

  • Instead of thinking “I want porn and I can’t have it”, think “The little monster wants its fix. This feeling is what willpower users suffer, but happy ex-users like me don’t! Isn’t it great that I’m free forever!” Once you think this way, the slight pangs will turn into moments of pleasure, reminding you of this amazing achievement.

  • If for some reason you get a pang like that, examine your senses and physical sensations. See how there’s actually zero pain. The only slight discomfort you may be feeling is not because you’re stopping watching porn but because of watching porn in the past.

  • Remember: There is no withdrawal period when quitting with the Easyway. Any slight pangs will be imperceptible, and with no brainwashing, fear, doubt, or moping to accompany these feelings, they will be moments of pleasure.

  • Take pleasure in killing the little monster. Do not feel guilty. If you’re guilty about “killing” a monster, just think about it as simple self defense. If you don’t kill it, it kills you.

  • What happens when you’re having a hard day, just because something went wrong (like your boss yelled at you, or you got a bad grade in school, or you’re just in a bad mood)? Don’t worry. Everyone has bad days. It rains for murderers and for priests. However, once you’re free from porn, you’ll notice that you have less bad days than you did when you were still addicted. When it comes to bad days, those using the willpower method can completely collapse and relapse after having one, since they associate negative feelings with the fact that they haven’t been watching porn for a while, and then in an attempt to feel better, they watch some videos. You now know that any downs you have in life have nothing to do with quitting porn. Porn use will just make the downs lower and harder to manage.

  • Do not allow doubt to creep in, because if you do, the big monster will rise from the dead. Never doubt your decision to quit.

  • If the thought of “just one session” or “I want porn” pops into your head, replace the thought with “Yippee! I’m free at last!” Thus, you’ll experience real joy rather than worry.

  • Little monster’s death doesn’t equal freedom. You’re free way before your jailer dies. You don’t need to wait for it’s death, since you’re already free the second you make the vow to never PMO again!

  • Porn addiction takes away the enjoyment from things you enjoyed before getting hooked. Reading, watching movies, talking to friends and family, cooking, playing games, etc etc etc etc. Because you regarded your fix as the one thing that gives you satisfaction (and because of desensitization), nothing does the trick of making you feel happy like it used to. Now that you’re free from porn addiction you can now experience the joy and fun of doing all of your hobbies and things you enjoy. You’ll see that some things that even seemed unenjoyable while hooked on porn, now seem enjoyable (like spending time with family and friend, social occasions, and other things that used to take away opportunities to PMO).

  • Now free, you’ll be able to concentrate better, to think more creatively, and to handle stress.

  • Remember: Just like the moment of revelation, these incentives (like enjoying things you used to, and being happier) will come in time. Just don’t keep thinking about them and expecting the incentives or the MOR (moment of revelation). If you’re impatient about them, they won’t come. Just live your life and you’ll see marvelous gains. DO NOT WAIT FOR ANYTHING. You’re free now, right this moment. That in itself is amazing. Other things will come soon as the little monster dies.

  • Remember: There are ups and downs for everyone. Freedom makes everything better. Slavery makes everything worse. Quitting will make you happier and stronger.

  • Remember: A very big change is happening in your life. Don’t worry if you feel a bit different for a few days. That’s just part of the wonderful achievement of being free!

  • Remember: Now that you’ve quit porn, you can start living life!

  • Remember: You don’t need to avoid porn addicts unless they try to get you back into the trap. Don’t be jealous of them, but rather pity them, and try to help them if they accept help. Deep down inside all of them want to be free, but you can only help them if they want your help.

  • Remember: NEVER doubt your decision to quit. You know it’s the right decision. If a thought comes in that says that life won’t be as good without porn, think about how awful life was with porn, and how you’ll be getting marvelous gains.

  • Remember: If you get a thought of “just one more session”, think “Yes! I’m free at last. YIPPEEE!”

  • Remember: Don’t try to not think about porn. When you do think about it, think about how happy you are that it’s gone from your life!

  • Share your achievement. Tell people you’re comfortable telling that you’re free. Show other addicts how happy you are. If you’d like you can even make a success post in r/pmohackbook (the easypeasy subreddit).


Note: AVRT (addictive voice recognition technique) could help potentially, but basically all of it's important stuff is mentioned in Easyway books. Also, it kind of contradicts Easyway in two ways. 1) It says the reason why people use is because they enjoy the thing they're addicted to (which is just really wrong, at least in the case of porn), and 2) Jack Trimpey (the author) says that you shouldn't congratulate yourself for quitting, since it's just the responsible thing to do. This, I also disagree with. Even though it's easy to quit, it's still such a happy occasion to get freed from this slavery, especially if you've been trapped for a while. It's a huge relief to not have to suffer with the porn trap anymore!

If you have any questions or comments, you can message me on Reddit. My username is u/Different_Guide_5205. (I am currently inactive on reddit. If you have a question, you can still send me a message, but I probably won't respond for a long time. I'm sorry for the inconvenience).